Photos of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King

Cemetery Dance Publications has officially published It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King and I thought you might like to see some photos of the Slipcased Gift Edition and the Signed & Traycased Limited Edition. The Gift Edition is shipping this week to all those who preordered a copy and the Limited Edition will begin shipping next week when the traycases arrive.

As you can see, I am not a professional photographer and I specialize in blurry and slightly out of focus shots:

Limited Edition in Traycase (L), Gift Edition in Slipcase (R)

Limited Edition in Traycase (L), Gift Edition in Slipcase (R)

Limited Edition (L), Gift Edition (R)

Limited Edition (L), Gift Edition (R)

Gift Edition and its Slipcase

Hodder & Stoughton trade hardcover (L), Cemetery Dance Gift Edition (M), Viking trade hardcover (R)

Cemetery Dance Gift Edition (L), Viking trade hardcover (M), Hodder & Stoughton trade hardcover (R)

Side view of the Gift Edition to show the red & black page edges

Embossed endpapers for the Gift Edition

one page of the Table of Contents

Sample of one of the six color pieces of interior artwork by Alan M. Clark

Sample of one of the twenty+ black & white pieces of interior artwork by Erin S. Wells

Limited Edition Traycase

The Limited Edition in its traycase

The Limited Edition dust jacket

Limited Edition Leather Binding

Limited Edition embossed endpapers

Limited Edition Signature Sheet

Limited Edition ribbon page marker

26 thoughts on “Photos of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King

  1. The attention to detail is exactly what this masterpiece deserved. It is so good I am waiting to open it and see if a hand pops out of the book.

    1. I hope there will always be readers who appreciate this sort of book. I love reading on my Kindle, but there is nothing in the electronic world that compares to the first time you open the package with a book like this waiting inside. 🙂

      1. Some books, limited editions especially, have to be opened and help, examined to relly enjoy and appreciate. You just can’t do that with a Nook or a Kinfle.

  2. I can’t wait, I ordered this gift edition for my son. He told me that he wished he would have listened to me while growing up and he would have had all of S. King’s books, I have read close to all of what he has written and love them all. My favorite is the Dark Tower Series, Suzanna’s Song WOW! Killing himself off, my mouth about hit the floor. You are loved and appreciated, stick around Stephen. Sandy

  3. If I may ask can you show me the art where Pennywise is in the sewer drain? It is only in the Special and Limited Edition. Thank you in advance.

      1. Yes that is the one thank you so very much. I own that artwork, but missed the chance to own the Lettered Edition. I just wanted to see in what fashion it was being used. It was very kind of you to reply with the image. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

      2. Wow, Pennywise in the drain gave me shivers! Do you know if a version of that print appears in either the S/L edition anywhere, or in the limited Art Portfolio?

  4. I just wish I could afford one. I am a lowly fan of limited income being social security/disabilty and can not buy such treasures. I hope you will all enjoy the beautiful book that and will not get to have.

    1. Hey Randy! Long time, hope you’ve been well! Ultimately, producing these types of books is insanely expensive to begin with and that ends up being a big part of the retail price. I wish they could be more affordable, but they’re priced as affordably as we can for what they are. I know that doesn’t help when you can’t afford a copy of something you want for your collection, but it is the reason for the pricing being what it is. Thanks for posting!

  5. Brian James Freeman :
    It’s a beautiful piece of art, isn’t it? Erin is amazing.

    Mrs. Wells pencil lines are simple amazing you can look at it for hours, and I am thankful to have owned two originals from this book. Sadly one was destroyed (Bathtub Scene) in the recent NJ floods, but thankfully the one mentioned above was purchased after the destruction. I am thrilled it is a part of the Lettered Edition, but now I need to try and purchase one for my collection. Another amazing artist is Mr. Clark I own one of his study’s for this book. The originals are beautiful, but I am saving to purchase one of those.

  6. Just can’t wait for my copy to arrive. I do hope Cemetary Dance will release a special edition of The Stand some day (unless I already missed it?) too. Thanks a lot anyway to CDP for this wonderful edition, just seeing the pictures brings back tons of memories from when I first discovered the book so many years ago. And thanks to you Brian for those pictures!

  7. Both Limited editions sold out within 2 days? Wow. How long you think the Gift Edition (2,750) will be available for? I see there are still copies of the Gift Edition for “Riding The Bullet” available though Cemetery Dance and that was printed 2 years ago.

    Any ideas?

  8. Thanks, Brian. I just bought a copy. I read this book when I was 12 and its still my favorite. Its great to see it finally get a nice treatment such as this.

    I’ve missed the boat before on other Kings special editions such as Dark Tower, not that I didnt want to buy it, but by the time I found out – they were already gone.

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