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Shipping the It: 25th Anniversary Edition Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio

As mentioned in a previous post, Cemetery Dance Publications has produced a Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio featuring all of the artwork from our 25th Anniversary Edition of It by Stephen King. Our customers have really enjoyed the “behind the scenes” photos I’ve posted in the past when we’ve been shipping a cool new project, so I thought I’d post a few shots here on the blog for this one. These photos, as always, were taken with my patented slightly blurry and out of focus camera technique that would make me an excellent Bigfoot photographer.











Don’t forget you can see some more photos of the actual portfolios and their contents in that earlier post.


  1. Peter Riccio

    Nice photos Brian! I really like seeing how you guys function! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Tammy Withrow

    OMG…cannot wait to actually hold it in my hands Brian! Excellent pics!

  3. Bob Gray


  4. Kristen

    Wait! I think I see Bigfoot behind the pallet!!!
    Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Good thing I am not the one tying the ribbons. They would not be that nice.

  5. Rick Smith

    You had me with the picture of that pallet. Takes me back to my trucking days 🙂

  6. ceciliajbh

    Somebody ties really nice & neat bows! What a great crew you have there! Bet you’re glad for all the help.

    I didn’t see Bigfoot…whoah!…wait a minute!…that kinda skinny hairy guy in the gray t-shirt!!! Any relation to the big “B”…like a younger second cousin or something?…And I mean that in the nicest possible way, too, guys…:> Really. So please…no hurt feelings or anything.

    Interesting setup & looks like you have things organized…right down to the trained Bigf…wait, no!…I’m not going there again…:>

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  7. herbertwest1

    Keep the hard work! People cant wait to recieve those! Thanks everybody!

  8. jessedeath

    These photos are awesome, thanks for documenting it! Got mine and my roommate’s today (waaaaay up here in Calgary, Canada)! #76 and #77!! SO stoked- I’ve been waiting for this portfolio for AGES! Well worth the wait.


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