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Two Cemetery Dance Baseball Caps

We’ve sold Cemetery Dance baseball caps from time to time, but the other hat in this photo was produced in an extremely limited quantity for a promotional photo shoot for a book we published in 2010. Can you name the book?


  1. Michael Sauers (@msauers)

    That would be Stephen King’s Blockade Billy, correct?

  2. Josepha Kalsbeek

    Blockade Billy, of course. 🙂 How many caps weer made, anyway…? One for King, one for the other photoshoot…. And this one? Or is it all the same cap?:)

    • Brian James Freeman

      There were a total of 5 made. Two were used for photo shoots, Richard has one, I have one, and then there’s the one pictured above, which is sitting on top of a bookcase in Richard’s office. There were also 5 uniform shirts made because that was the minimum run.

  3. Simon Longman

    That’s an easy one I think – Blockade Billy

  4. Tim M

    Cool looking hat and of course it’s from BB. Thanks for sharing and now I am going to start planning on how I can get my hands on one of the hats or jerseys. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hans

    yeah would have guessed Blockade Billy too. 🙂

  6. Rick Crawford

    OK, we all know that it’s Blockade Billy, we’ve seen the photos. So how about a contest to get that hat off the shelf and on the head of a constant reader?

    • Brian James Freeman

      That might be possible down the road! We might throw in one of the uniform shirts, too. 🙂

      • Josepha Kalsbeek

        Oh, am I ever mising a “like” button there!

      • Josepha Kalsbeek

        Missing, I mean. Not illiterate, just a typo.;)

  7. Martin

    Wow, that would be a great item to add to my collection!

  8. Michael Pasiuk

    Looking to sell one?

    • Brian James Freeman

      I think we’ll probably give the hat and a uniform shirt away in a contest!

      • Tim M

        That would be very cool and can’t happen fast enough!

  9. Mike Limon

    Hi Brian! Hey, nice hats! How can I get a hold of a CD hat? Thanks, your pal,
    Mike Limon
    Ventura, CA

    • Brian James Freeman

      We’re going to offer new ones for sale sometime this summer!

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