Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King Lettered Edition Shipping Soon

Something very cool is shipping from the Cemetery Dance warehouse this week: the Deluxe Lettered Edition of Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King. I’ll try to take some formal photos later this week, but here’s a quick shot of the complete set of our editions (Lettered, Limited, and Gift from left to right):

9 thoughts on “Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King Lettered Edition Shipping Soon

  1. Brian.
    I thought these had been done a while back and It was supposed to be next out in Letter?
    Thank you.

      1. Max Hunt you’re not serious right!
        IT is next month.
        Maybe if I spell IT for you.
        Ya that is it.I will spell IT for you.
        Here we go for the spelling of IT, IT……get it now.
        I’m just having fun with you Max.

      2. No Suzanne, I wasn’t serious! I just saw an Abbot & Costello moment and couldn’t resist!! Are you kidding…I’m THE biggest SK fan in the world…I weigh at least 750 pounds! Not really, 180 soaking wet :-). I do love Stephen but getting involved with Cemetary Dance and Lonely Road has really been amazing. There’s some awesome stories coming out of people I didn’t know about. Brian is one of them…The Painted Darkness is amazing. Seven Stories was fun, as well. I’m just having a blast!

      3. Well Max we both had a good laugh. At least I have.
        Sorry but I am the biggest S.K fan in the universe and for a long long time. : ~ )
        I agree with you for the neat stories out there.
        I can’t believe that you did not get more response for this.
        IT was hilarious. It was a good laugh that I needed badly.

      4. No, IT was SCARY!!! 🙂 HA!! My first serious horror read was Carrie. I read it shortly after it came out and thought it was awesome. I was about 14 or 15 and I’m 52 now. I’ve read everything SK has written including the non-fiction. I went to a midnight showing (opening night) of Silver Bullet in Indy and they handed out 8X11 “mini-posters” of the movie. I sent mine to Stephen and about 2 or 3 months later, it returned with a personalized signature on it. That’s probably my most prized possession…it’s in an awesome matted frame hanging in a very prominate place in my living room. While, in my opinion, he’ll never top the Dark Tower series (8 made it great…9 would make it sublime!!), I was blown away by 11/22/63. Kind of different for him…aside from the time anomaly, it was historical fiction…done oh so well! He’s just amazing…

        I needed a laugh, too. I’m supposed to be on vacation this week and next but one of my guys’ mom died Thursday so I had to change a bunch of plans and delay my trip. I’m about to leave (work) now…just have to wait until midnight to check Tuesday’s “stuff”. I work in a TV station and midnight is the magic hour. How fitting for a King fan, huh?!

      5. Hey Max are you still there?

        Ok I’m impress Stephen K. signing your poster. Wow.
        I didn’t know we could send books to him in the old days and when I realize we could it was too late.

        My best to have been memory would have to be the day he came to Toronto and I had 4th row tickets and was sick like a puppy dog that day. Can you see the picture? Me,ticket and not there! I was totally devastated. And when will he come back this way??? In the week of the 4 Thursdays. This is how the last generation would have answered us. ‘
        “French Canadian”

        Everybody who knows me think I’m the sickest person they know because I like him so much and such a fanatic about getting his books.
        I have almost all his books. I have some S/L but the next one I’m waiting for in Aug. is” IT ” the # edition. I did splurge there.

        I am late in reading my books. I’m in the middle of The Dome right now and if my little
        ” Sassy ” the cutest little Havanese you ever saw let me read the next one will be 11/22/63 which is waiting on the shelf beside the other signed editions.

        My first was Salem’s Lot and I was about 16 or 17 and I have 4 years more than you. We had to wait a year or so to get it translated in French. That part was a bummer and when I had enough English and a brand new dictionary by my side I realize how much I was loosing in the translation I went back to his 1st book in English and started all over.

        I am hunting for a S/L of Salem’s lot. I think the 1st book you read become your favourite.
        Well it is for me. Next would be The Stand.

        Which TV station are you working at and what do you do there?

        Sassy’s sleeping and I am going back with Barbie and the others.

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