The USPS Did Something Very Bad to A Customer’s Book (With Photo!)

This is far from the first time I’ve seen a book damaged by the USPS or UPS or Fed-Ex, but this one seemed particular stabby, so I asked the customer if I could share the photo she sent us:


  1. I like frankerringt’s reason. Makes sense to me! Anyway, yes, they don’t pay these couriers enough, and they take it out on our packages. They don’t give them the concern that they should..I have been fortunate in that it has only happened to me once in the last ten years. I guess I have good courier people.Now the mail system, that Is a whole different ball game!

  2. Egad’s!!! Watch out USPS………Paybacks are a you know what!!!!! (I mean Damn….they charge ya enough & then Waa Waa….complain they don’t get enough money to run the PO?)

  3. Thing That gets me is that they can see the damage and yet they still deliver it, don’t say a word to you about it. I understand they are underpaid and overworked, but it’s just common courtesy to let you know.

  4. absolutely sicking! how did that hole in there anyway?! there is no excuse for that! something like this happened to me once. I told usps about and they had the gall to blame the book company!

  5. They just took a HUGE bath on the Simpsons – a $1.2 Million Loss for 682 Million Unsold Simpsons Stamps, perhaps this was Homer upset and getting a little of his own back. The only stamp they have sold more of than they projected to was the Elvis (younger) version. I don’t think they know how to do a test run of a product to see if its a good idea. More Elvis stamps might put them back in the black instead of bleeding red. I casually collect stamps (just bought a sheet of the new baseball ones) and still have my Elvis ones. Nope, did not buy any Simpson ones and not in any rush to buy any Stephen King ones either since I believe you have to be dead to be on a stamp. However they should do a modern literature stamp series and feature his and other great Horror authors on it.

  6. Sorry I disagree with you that Horror Authors such as the Great Stephen King, Dean Koontz and others would not sell. I think it is an excellent idea and I believe these type of stamps would be a sellout………..No I had no interest in Homer myself……That’s my sons idol! But I and others who love Horror (and there are hundreds of thousand of us out there) would definately buy them. I bought the Monster stamps some years ago and they were a sellout! OMT: Not everyone has to die to be famous……………that is so lame in my opinion!

    • If you are responding to me, Ila in Maine I don’t see anywhere where I said that Horror Authors would not sell, in fact I think they would be some of the best sellers ever. I only said I was NOT interested in purchasing any S. King anytime soon because I think you have to be dead to appear on a postage stamp and I don’t want Steve to die, the last brush he had with death was close enough (it happened on my birthday and is a day I won’t soon forget either). I have re-read what I wrote, had others read it here and they don’t see where I said this either, but if it seems to you I did say that I apologize. I agree with you that Great Horror Writer Stamps would be a wonderful revenue seller for the US Postal Service – now how do we make this a reality. That is how the Elvis and the Snoopy stamps became a reality. Fans caused it to happen. Ila in Maine

  7. As a lover of fine books, a picture like that makes me want to cry. Over all, however, I’ve been rather lucky myself with the books I’ve order over the last two decades. Only a few haven’t shown up, or were damaged. As Todd Wells said, I think there’s the beginning of a good horror story here. “Whoever receives this damaged book, instead of one in mint condition, dies within twenty-four hours. And not just any death, but a hideous, painful, tormenting end that would remind someone of Brian’s novels. Ta-daaaaaa!

    • Hi Ila in Maine! I think I may have misunderstood you. I also want Stephen King to be around for a very long time and was extremely unset in regards to his brush with death and he still has the remments of that aftermath. So I also apologize to you. If they can put Snoopy, Mickey and Homer on stamps…………..then I do believe if we all work together, we can obtain these wonderful stamps now and the post office can makes tons of money from the sale of these stamps…………….I see that you also agree. I guess the first step would be to email the Postmaster General and flood him with this suggestion? I am game and maybe together we can start a Horror grassroots project together? Many thanks for your reply and also…I absolutely love New England! (Especially this time of the year! Love the Harvest Season & Halloween is my most favorite Day!) Best Regards, Mare.

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