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Taking the Photos of IT by Stephen KingThe Dark Man by Stephen King Signature Sheets

I left the Lettered Edition of It by Stephen King sitting where I took the photos the other day, and to a stranger walking through the room it may look like we’ve set-up an alter to the book:


  1. Josepha Kalsbeek

    No more than fitting!:)

  2. mikelimon

    Brian! My first thought was with the sheet, you guys look like your getting ready for Halloween. Then it hit me. Duh! I bet it always looks like Halloween in your office!

    Mike 🙂

    • Brian James Freeman

      There are definitely some elements of Halloween around all the time! I should post a shot of Richard’s office. 😉

  3. Matthew Iden

    It looks like the arms of that thing are about to close on whoever is dumb enough to sit in that chair…

  4. Michelle DePaepe

    I used to do the same sheet-over-the-table thing to photograph products for a company I worked for. Even though I used a black cloth, I must say your still life does look more altar-ish!

    • Brian James Freeman

      We have a black cloth around here somewhere, too, but haven’t used it in a while! I’m pretty much winging these photos, so I’m happy when 90% of the shots are in focus. 🙂

  5. simon


  6. Mare

    Really cool! And Stephen King’s book “IT” deserves a place of honor. (Betcha he would like the Ghostly effect himself! Hmmmm. wonder if Steve is even Catholic?…..tee hee!) OH………..I cannot wait til Halloween! My very fav time of the year it is!!!!! Oh BTW…..Love the Froggie on the right!

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