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The Painted Darkness eBook Now Available on Kobo

My novella, The Painted Darkness, is now available on the Kobo store. It only took about two years to make that happen, so it’ll be interesting to see if anyone actually buys a copy there! Click on the cover below for more information:

The trade paperback is also still available through: • Cemetery Dance • Barnes & Noble

The eBook is available through: • •Barnes & Noble • iBookstore • Sony Reader • Kobo •

The Audiobook is available through:  • •  iTunes


  1. Felinda Bullock

    Congratulations! The more places the better. Everyone who ever had a monster in their closet has to read this!

  2. A.M. Harte

    Speaking of awesome covers… yours is great! I really like the way the trees / title part looks. It’s actually a concept I played with for Above Ground (but couldn’t get to work).

    • Brian James Freeman

      Thanks! I’ve been very pleased with how it turned out. The two images merged together nicely. (It’s pretty much the first cover I think I’ve gotten just right.)

      • A.M. Harte

        Did you make it yourself? Or get a designer on board? I can’t draw for the life of me.

      • Brian James Freeman

        My wife ( came up with the concept and Desert Isle Design ( did the final touch-ups. I should post the evolution of the cover at some point — from two separate images through different design options, etc!

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