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FEARnet Reviews The Painted Darkness Audiobook

The first review for the The Painted Darkness unabridged audiobook has arrived and it’s from one of the biggest horror websites around:  Here is just a little sample of the glowing review:

Brian James Freeman’s fascinating novella, The Painted Darkness, is one of those rare gems you sometimes find in fiction that manage to effortlessly capture the strangeness of being young… The Painted Darkness concerns itself with classic themes: letting go of childhood, the power with which we wield creativity, and the tricky nature of monsters.  The novella is structured so that we simultaneously experience young Henry’s childhood snow-day adventure in the woods and his adult self’s horrific experiences in his isolated farmhouse during a snowstorm… The Painted Darkness is a rewarding, fun, scary read; it may be an even better listen.  While Freeman has been publishing books since 2004’s Black Fire, The Painted Darkness is his first work on audio.  If this production is any indication, he and the format have an interesting and thrilling future together.

Read the rest here.

The audiobook can be downloaded immediately on  iTunes

The trade paperback is also still available through: Amazon.comCemetery DanceBarnes & Noble

The eBook is available through: & NobleiBookstoreSony

The Painted Darkness Audiobook Cover


  1. Mike Limon

    Wow Brian! Not only a review from, but a comparison between Henry and Danny Torrance! That’s just awesome. Congratulations. I agree, you do have an interesting and thriling future. I bet you are proud, and rightly so!


  2. Max Hunt

    That’s great Brian!! No small thing coming from Quigley. I feel a kinship to this audiobook because you allowed me to give some input. I’m proud…I can only imagine you’re about to pop with pride!!


  3. Mark All

    Terrific review from a stellar source! I’ll have to get this one.

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