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Our Warehouse Elves Have Been Busy

The Cemetery Dance warehouse elves have been busy:

boxes at the Cemetery Dance warehouse


  1. MsCharlie

    Now for the wrapping. I just love boxes during the Holidays!

  2. SkemerGuy

    Glad to hear that you contracted out the work so you all could relax a little over the holidays.

  3. Mike Limon

    These days many companies are going out of business. It’s good to see that CD is still doing business and has many loyal customers. I congratulate you. Because you publish an excellent magazine, and terrific books that your customers want, I have no doubt that you will continue to flourish. You have the best writers in the business including you Brian. Wishing you many more years of success!

  4. Graf, Christopher (RIS-HFD)

    Brian — keep up the great the work! The books look amazing, the grab bags are great and CD’s efforts are tremendous! (Not to mention the writers and artists!) Thank you, Chris

  5. Hunter Shea

    When you said elves, I thought I was going to see a pic of dozens of newly made shoes.

  6. Steve Jorgenson

    I don’t see any elf. I’d like some proof please Brian. That is, that elves do exist.

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