Blu Gilliand over at October Country has written a tremendously nice review of More Than Midnight, my little horror collection of short stories that was published in December by Cemetery Dance and quickly sold out. As a writer, this is one of those unexpected reviews that just shows up in your “Google Alerts” and makes your entire day. Here is the beginning:

Brian James Freeman is one of those writers that someone, some day, is going to call an “overnight success,” completely ignorant of the fact that the guy has been pounding a keyboard for years, honing his craft and developing his voice the way all good writers do.

You can read the rest over at October Country. In fact, I highly recommend Blu’s suggestion of an “alternate” way to read the book. I wish I had thought of it myself.

And for those who asked, yes, the collection will be out in trade paperback and electronic formats later this year. Thanks again for the support!