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Photos of The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Special Limited Edition from Lonely Road Books

Here are a few photos of the The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition from Lonely Road Books, along with a few scans of the 13 or so color plates Caniglia created for the book, which sold out in just about 30 hours after it was announced:

the exorcist by william peter blattythe exorcist by william peter blattythe exorcist by william peter blattyTheExorcistInterior09the exorcist by william peter blattythe exorcist by william peter blatty


  1. TuneInForTerror

    Truly amazing imagery it almost makes you tense waiting for something to come alive.

  2. rjk1981

    Amazing artwork! Cannot wait to get this

  3. David

    Damn, I want this book. The Exorcist is my favourite movie of all time. I read the book years after seeing the film and the book frightened me to tears.

  4. Allen Jeroy

    These do look amazing.. I can’t wait for it to come on e-book. Then I can read it witout messing my trade copy up.. WOW.. Brian what a great and wonderful job.. I want to read this so badly but don’t dare ruin my own copies.. Allen

  5. Ralph J. Bellantoni

    hurrah!–the book is on its way! so glad i placed my pre-order in time, way back when. looks worth the wait–surpassing the gauntlet edition, which is reasonably handsome in its own right. but now i’ll have to re-read the exorcist for the 3rd (or is it the 4th?) time, and once more endure weeks of frequent startle responses and sleeping with the lights on.

  6. kpatrick

    That looks gorgeous! Well done, Brian!

  7. Shawn Bailey

    Interesting other book by him, not quite in the same vein, is Dimiter. Strange little read that I couldn’t put down. I think he said somewhere in there that he thought it was his best work. Not sure about that, but it was different.

  8. Cecilia JBH

    These photos are totally cool. My favorite is the empty rocking chair. As another commenter inferred…they all look as if they are going to speak, moan, cry, or, in the case of my favorite chair picture here…start rocking on its own. Very creepy!

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