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Stephen King Hot Foil Stamping Dies

A few people have asked about the hot foil stamping dies our printers, slipcase makers, and traycase makers use to stamp the covers/cases. These are made of copper, aluminum, or a similar material and weigh between one and 25 pounds. These photos don’t show it, but the copper ones are extremely shiny.

it by stephen king stamping die

it by stephen king stamping die

blockade billy by stephen king stamping die


  1. Richard Thomas

    That’s very cool, never seen the plates before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. maryles1

    Neat! They look like art objects.

  3. Brian

    I purchased the Unique Collector’s Extravaganza 2013 from Cemetery Dance and received the IT copper plate above. It is beautiful!!!

    • Brian James Freeman

      Very cool! It makes a very nice conversation piece, I think!

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