16 thoughts on “What To Do If Your WordPress.com Account or Blog Is Suspended

  1. I’ve managed to have a relatively pain-free experience with Blogger thus far, but if I ever get the hammer of Thor dropped on my skull like that, I’ll likely just migrate to WordPress. Me thinks it would be less of a headache.

  2. Glad you got your account fixed 🙂 I’m a much better customer to other companies after having been a customer service manager. People can be really evil!

    1. Yep, I worked at a bookstore in high school and college, and in the 11 years since then I’ve probably answered more than 50,000 customer emails at work, so I *always* try to keep the other person in mind when I’m contacting customer service/tech support.

  3. I always try to consider the other person. Maybe due to working at places like Panera Bread for many years. Normally I was nice there too, even though a lot of customers are pretty stupid and/or disrespectful. I got dirty looks from customers before though when they tried getting extras food. Those types don’t like encountering an employee who likes to say no points them to where they can buy what they want, lol. Even said “The proper response is thank you.” under my breath to a customer once, unaware they had turned around and were right in front of me again.

  4. Yes – I also hate people yelling at customer service as if these people are the cause of their frustrations. Pretty much all of the time they are not. That being said – my shiny new wordpress blog has just been suspended automatically and now I have to wait 2 days until they unblock it. That’s a bit frustrating… I just put some pages in there with provisory titles and BAM suspension. Oh well. I think their automated system is a bit too quick though – maybe they should update it to send a warning first? Because the same happened to my friend after she just switched from blogger to wordpress and published her first article. Anyways, the staff is usually very helpful though in sorting out these things.

    1. well I just had this happen to me and Not had any contact from blogger. I haven’t a clue why they suspended it so I have filled in the form – But I am transferring to blogger I never had my blog suspended with them just in case they ignore me like I have seen on other searches I have done this afternoon – well maybe if they reply in 2 days but I have posts scheduled so I cant wait that long
      heres hoping I am lucky like you to get Brian?

  5. Hi there,

    I find myself among the club of folks whose blog was suspended (although after reading through the TOS about 8-9 times, I don’t see any breach).

    Quick question for those of you out there that have experienced this before…how long after filling out the form at the bottom of the Suspend Blog page did it take for WordPress folks to get back to you? My suspension notice showed up on Saturday evening and no word yet.

  6. I just had this happen and am way confused. My main concern is how long is the recovery time? 95% of our business actually comes from the amazing wordpress blog, so now it’s just a stressful situation.

  7. Hi,

    My wordpress site just got suspended for violation of terms of service. I am not sure if it is an error on their end or a mistake without knowing on my end… I have contacted the customer support and I am waiting right now.

    I would like to know how long you waited before customer support contacted you? I feel really desperate right now…

    Thank you for helping out!!

  8. Hi,

    So how did you get your blog reinstated? I have sent a number of messages without any response or results. If I migrate to wordpress.org, and people search for me through my old site address will it redirect to my self owned domain? I have hundreds of business cards with my wordpress.com address, I am worried they will be obsolete.

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