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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King: Sneak Preview of Glenn Chadbourne’s Endpapers!

The Cemetery Dance Publications special editions of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King sold out in record time, but there was an unannounced special feature for the Gift Edition we were saving as a surprise. Word got around about it, though, so I’m pleased to show a sneak preview of Glenn Chadbourne’s paintings for the endpapers of the Gift Edition. There are no spoilers in these images, but there are some very neat elements from the story that you’ll recognize as you read it:

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Endpapers by Glenn Chadbourne

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Endpapers by Glenn Chadbourne


  1. Will Bryan

    This may be one dumb question (and I even ordered a limited edition, but can’t remember the details), but do the other editions contain illustrated endpapers? Either the same as these or different? These look really nice, I am a huge fan of Glenn’s work.

    • Brian James Freeman

      No worries! The other two editions do not have the illustrated endpapers. The Limited Edition has a higher grade endpaper that is textured and can’t be printed on. The Lettered Edition has imported, marbled endpapers.

  2. Sharon Maxfield

    I can’t wait to get this. Someone’s going to love it.

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