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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Special Edition: First Look at the Gift Edition Slipcase!

The office is insanely busy right now, but here is a quick sneak peek at the SLIPCASE for the Cemetery Dance Publications Gift Edition of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King:

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Gift Edition Slipcase


  1. Patrick

    Looks good, Brian!

  2. Dawn D

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

  3. Wayne C. Rogers


    You are such a tease!

  4. D.Pascow

    Well done. =D

  5. Ralph J. Bellantoni

    Great looking production–I’m glad I ordered one on time. The buzz is building for Dr. Sleep–I’ve heard a couple of radio reviews & discussions about it already. Gonna be a hot item! I think I’ll wait to get both Dr. Sleep & the new Subterranean edition of the Shining, then read ’em in succession.

  6. Will Bryan

    So ready to get my copy of this sucker…So Brian, any chance of a photo of the limited edition’s traycase?

    • Brian James Freeman

      I should have a photo of the Limited Edition traycase to post tomorrow!

      • Will Bryan

        Sweet! You da man, Brian!

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