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Glenn Chadbourne’s Painting of Stephen King

This is Glenn Chadbourne’s painting of Stephen King for a sold out promotional item from Cemetery Dance Publications:

Stephen King Painting By Glenn Chadbourne


  1. Suzanne Walt

    Can you tell me when this happen and what promo it was?
    And is it possible at all to buy a copy anywhere?
    I buy so much from CD and did not see this one at all.

    Thank you.

    • Brian James Freeman

      Hi Suzanne! It’s part of the Cemetery Dance Collectors Club. Send me an email if you’re not a member! — thanks!

      • Penny

        Wow, this is pretty great! Is this art for the mouse pad?

      • Brian James Freeman

        Yep, it is! They’re cool mouse pads, too, which is something I never thought I would say. We’re going with a thicker material, so they actually feel substantial.

  2. Kim

    How do I get a copy of the painting of Stephen King?

    • Brian James Freeman

      Prints might be offered later this year to the general public. Thanks for asking!

  3. Marian Dove

    How did I ever miss this one? i am a member of the Collectors Club and a lifetime member. This is the very first time I am seeing this! I would have purchased this in a flash! I just purchased two posters of Glenns Salem Lot. They look awesome! Guess I will have to hunt on eBay for the painting of Stephen King! Drats!

    • Brian James Freeman

      Members get it automatically, so you’re all set! 🙂 They’ll ship late next month, I believe.

      • Marian Dove

        Oh my Goodness! That’s wonderful! Oh you just made my day you did! Thank you very much! Yay!

  4. Tina Larosa

    I am a member of this newsletter and I haven’t received any notification about this print. I just received my print of “The Shining” and I would truly love one of these! Please advise. Thank you

    • Brian James Freeman

      You won’t receive an actual notification, it’s just part of your package of exclusive items that are only produced for members. And it isn’t actually a print, although there will be prints eventually if enough people ask! 🙂

  5. Suzanne Walt

    Great Brian.
    I am a new member this year.
    I bet you will have enough demand for a print.
    Can’t wait to see my mouse pad.
    Thank you CD.

  6. Jeff

    The mousepad is fantastic! And yes I would buy at least on of the prints if not more if it were to be sold.

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