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Barlow arrives at Cemetery Dance Publications…

Unlike in the original novel, though, it took THREE trucks to get him to our warehouse!

'Salem's Lot delivery


  1. Charles L.

    Are we ever going to see the day when the trucks arrive with the Lonely Roads edition of The Fall that those of us who pre-paid have been waiting for at least five years?

    • Brian James Freeman

      I sure hope so! As you know if you’ve been following the updates at, we had a lot of trouble with Del Toro finding time to sign the signature sheets, but that problem has been solved and I should have good news to post over at the site soon!

    • Brian James Freeman

      Oh, and here is the most recent update in case you missed it:

      Thanks for your patience! It’s been a long time coming but it’ll be a beautiful book!

  2. Mark

    I want to intern at Cemetery Dance Publications. 🙂 Every day is like Christmas.

    • Brian James Freeman

      It’s more like being the elves who work for Santa, ha! 🙂

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