Early reviews are now appearing for The Halloween Children, my novel co-written with Norman Prentiss, which will be published as an eBook by Hydra/Random House this June.

For example, The Behrg has posted a review that represents a very fair and balanced assessment of the novel — and of course I would say that considering the praise you’ll find in this short excerpt:

The savvy reader begins to get the real picture of what’s going on by what’s NOT being said. I’ve always enjoyed the unreliable narrator motif, and it’s used here in quite a unique way that’s not fully understood until you reach the end… this has one of the best endings for a book I’ve ever read. The thematic metaphors woven throughout one of the most tragic and shocking finales you’ll find… as I was reading I felt as if my jaw kept dropping lower and lower. Beautifully crafted, this is horror that will affect even the most jaded of horror fans.

You can find The Behrg’s full review on his website, so please click that link and give it a read!

You can also learn more about the book or reserve your copy via these links:
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