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“Pop-Pop” by Brian James Freeman (Short Story)

Note from Brian:
Welcome to August 2017! “Pop-Pop” is the first exclusive short story I’m posting for supporters only. Don’t be surprised if there are changes between this version and the one that eventually appears in print. Nothing is a final draft for me, it seems, and I really look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks again for coming along on this journey with me! — BJF

by Brian James Freeman

Erin and Russ stand with their mother in the living room of Gram-Gram’s home, surveying their surroundings as if they’ve never seen this place before. Quite the opposite is true, of course. The twins practically grew up here while their mother worked two jobs to pay the bills. Yet today the house feels different. Somehow it looks different, too, even though nothing obvious has changed.

“She’s been having good days and bad days,” their mother says for the third time since they left Gram-Gram’s cool, sterile room at the Sunny Days Hospice Home. “I’m sorry she had a bad day today.”

“Mom, it’s okay,” Erin says, also for the third time.

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  1. Gram-Gram, you devil you.

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