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AVAILABLE TODAY! Dark Screams: Volume Ten featuring Simon Clark, Clive Barker, Heather Herrman, Wrath James White, Marc Rains, Lisa Tuttle, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch!

Richard Chizmar and I have once again joined forces with the cutting edge team at Hydra, a division of Random House, to produce more volumes in our acclaimed Dark Screams horror eBook anthology series! Each volume collects stories by the best authors working in the business today and we’re pleased to announce Dark Screams: Volume Ten is NOW available for download!

Purchase the eBook: • • • Barnes & Noble • iBookstore • Kobo



  1. Stephen Degnim

    Will these next five Dark Screams be combined like the first five in hardcover?

    • Brian James Freeman

      Hey Stephen! That is the long term plan: a nice, matching set of BIG books!

  2. Stephen Degnim

    Got your email and I know why I am here, to receive your newsletter

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