For those who are curious, here are my current publication plans for 2019 and beyond, assuming all of the pieces fall into place. Some of these are outside my control, of course, but right now I’m hoping we’ll see most of these next year:

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The Echo of Memory — a novel (and I have some big news to share with you about it very soon!)
The Zombie Who Cried Human — hardcover editions are finally headed to the printer this month, so it should be out by spring
Weak and Wounded — expanded trade paperback and eBook editions
More Than Midnight — expanded trade paperback and eBook editions
Dreamlike States — expanded trade paperback and eBook editions
Lost and Lonely — expanded trade paperback and eBook editions
Killer Crimes — an anthology co-edited with Richard Chizmar
Halloween Carnival — the omnibus Limited Edition hardcover (600+ pages!)
Dark Screams: Volume One Omnibus — Limited Edition hardcover, co-edited with Richard Chizmar
* Plus several more foreign editions, but I’m not sure the exact plans for those yet.

Dates unknown but already in the works, so hopefully 2020 or 2021:
Reading Stephen King — trade paperback and eBook editions
Detours — trade paperback and eBook editions
Walking With Ghosts — low print run “heavily illustrated” US Limited Edition hardcover
Walking With Ghosts — trade paperback and eBook edition
Untitled Anthology — an anthology of circus and carnival stories with an amazing line-up
The Suicide Diary — a novel
The Slow Zombie and the Fast Zombie — a new children’s book illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne
Blue November Storms
— an Omnibus Edition with never before published material including the original unpublished novelette and artwork from an abandoned graphic novel adaptation