I have big plans for 2019 and 2020 for my Patreon supporters, and one of projects I’ve been working on is a serialized novel that will run for most of 2019.I’ll be posting one chapter each week from The Echo of Memory, which is a heavily revised version of my first published novel. In 2004, the book was published as Black Fire by James Kidman. There was a paperback edition from Leisure and a signed Limited Edition hardcover from Cemetery Dance Publications, but I’m restoring my preferred title and my real name for all future editions.

I’ll be working through the revisions as I post the chapters, but the first 100 pages have already seen a ton of fine tuning and some serious excising of unnecessary material.

Yep, this is one of those very rare “Author’s Preferred Editions” where stuff is being CUT out instead of crammed back in, and you won’t miss the things I’m editing out. They were the product of a first novelist’s insecurities about readers and the publishing world in general. This is a book where “less is more” should have been the mantra.

In 2020, the book will be republished in print, but for 2019, it’ll be an online exclusive for my Patreon supporters.

I’ll have some more news to share soon — including what I’m working on in 2019 to lay the groundwork for an extremely ambitious project for my Patreon supporters in 2020 — and I thank everyone again for all of your support!


UPDATE: The Table of Contents page is now live if you’d like to start reading!