An Unusual Proposition For a Mountain Man (chapbook)

“An Unusual Proposition For a Mountain Man” is my second Patreon-only chapbook. Glenn Chadbourne contributed five interior pieces of artwork to make the chapbook extra special!

About the Chapbook:
When he heard the polite knock on the cabin’s wooden door, Buddy “Bud” Williams was certain another pretty face had arrived to represent the developer who wanted his land to build a neighborhood of godawful McMansions.

Bud was right on one of those counts, but very very wrong about the other. The person at his door came with a life-changing offer, but the life that would be changed the most was not Bud’s… it was his son’s life, probably the only person Bud actually cared about.

What will Bud do when it’s time to make the most important decision of his life, and what will the true consequences of that decision be?

Publication History:
Published as a chapbook for Patreon supporters in February 2019.

About the Chapbook:
Each chapbook is “housed” in a custom-printed envelope with a fine linen finish and my private press logo printed on it in silver metallic ink. To make these chapbooks a little different from others I’ve seen, the inside-covers feature artwork by Glenn Chadbourne, sort of like illustrated endpapers. Each chapbook is also signed and hand-numbered.



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