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Cover Artwork Reveal For My Next Chapbook: SO IT’S COME TO THIS

Just a reminder that anyone who wants to qualify for the next exclusive signed Limited Edition chapbook I’m publishing for my Patreon supporters just needs to sign-up for Level 2 or above by the end of the month!

This chapbook is going to be a bit of a surprise and different from the previous ones, and I don’t want to ruin the fun by saying too much, but I just have to show off the cover artwork because I love it so much:

More updates to follow soon, along with more free chapters of my serial novel, The Echo of Memory.

Thank you again for all of your support!

Photos of an untrimmed book block

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post an inside look at book publishing and book production, but for those who are curious, here is what an untrimmed, unbound book block looks like:

A Few Photos of My “An Unusual Proposition For a Mountain Man” Chapbook

I’m still working hard on improving my “product” photography skills, which have always been lacking, and here are a few shots of the new chapbook I published for my supporters over on Patreon. Not bad, but there are some things I want to try differently for the next one!

Photos of One Candle Against the Night: The River Town

One Candle Against the Night is a novel I’ve been thinking about for a very long time, so the challenge of writing and publishing the story as a serial chapbook series for my supporters on Patreon seemed like the perfect way to make sure this book finally gets written.

The first installment is “One Candle Against the Night: The River Town” and it was published last month as an exclusive chapbook for my Patreon supporters at the $5 or higher Rewards Levels.

Each chapbook is “housed” in a custom-printed envelope with a  fine linen finish and my private press logo printed on it in silver metallic ink. To make these chapbooks a little different from others I’ve seen, the “endpapers” (the inside-covers) feature a printed “faux marble” artwork design. Each chapbook is also signed and hand-numbered.

Here are some photos of how “The River Town” chapbook turned out:

Bluelines for The Listener by Robert McCammon (Photo)

The final step before the process is out of our hands: the bluelines for Robert McCammon’s incredible new novel, The Listener, have been reviewed at the Cemetery Dance Publications office and the printer has been given the green light to roll:

You can find me on Instagram where I’m posting more shots from the Cemetery Dance Publications office from time to time (production materials, new books, scenes from the warehouse, etc) plus other photos from my day-to-day life that I just happen to like (old abandoned stuff, my cats, my dogs, etc).

I also post on Facebook and Twitter when I can, although not always the same content.

I’m not really “good” at keeping up with any of the social media accounts, but I try!

Sneak Peek at SOUR CANDY by Kealan Patrick Burke!

This isn’t officially announced yet, but next year Cemetery Dance Publications will be publishing a signed Limited Edition hardcover of Kealan Patrick Burke’s incredible novella, SOUR CANDY, and I thought it might be fun to show off the signature sheets now since this is such a cool looking book:

Follow Brian James Freeman on Instagram

Well, I’ve finally started using my Instagram account now that some young whippersnappers have done their best to explain it to me. You can find me here:

Brian James Freeman on Instagram

If you’re on Instagram and want to follow me, I’ll be posting photos from the office from time to time (production materials, new books, etc), plus occasionally other shots from my day that I just happen to like. (Trees, the moon, famous zombies, and stuff like that.)

Chris Odgers NIGHT SHIFT original artwork remarque for the Cemetery Dance Publications special edition

Chris Odgers is drawing original artwork for 25 very special copies of the Cemetery Dance Publications special edition of NIGHT SHIFT by Stephen King, and I thought it would be fun to show off just one of them now as a sneak peek:


Reading Stephen King sample binding with hot foil stamping (Book Production)

One of the many steps during the printing of a book is to confirm the printer is using the correct binding material. This is also your last chance to see and approve the hot foil stamping placement, foil color, and stamping job quality before the printer produces hundreds or thousands of finished bindings for the book.

Here is an example from READING STEPHEN KING, which will be published later this year. If you click on the image below and view the high res photo, you can almost see how DEEP the stamping plate is pushing to get this particular hot foil to cover properly:


First Photos of THE FIREMAN signed by Joe Hill!

For those who preordered the trade hardcover of THE FIREMAN by Joe Hill via the Cemetery Dance Publications online store earlier this year, here is a sneak peek at the book and the signed book plate we produced exclusively for Cemetery Dance collectors. (The book is an early copy the publisher sent me, the copies for our customers are still in the publisher’s warehouse right now.)

Joe Hill The Fireman Joe Hill The Fireman

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