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The Passage by Justin Cronin Lettered Edition Sneak Peek!

The Lettered Edition of The Passage by Justin Cronin will be shipping in August, but the traycase maker sent us a sneak peek today:

Full Dark, No Stars Meets Its Swedish Cousin

Our good friend Lilja of Lilja’s Library sent us a copy of the Swedish hardcover of Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King, which features the cover artwork Tomislav Tikulin originally painted for our Limited Edition of the book.  (And yes, the “I shall call him… Mini-Me” joke has already been made.)

A Books of Horrors Is Shipping

The Limited Edition of A Book of Horrors edited by Stephen Jones, which Cemetery Dance is co-publishing with PS Publishing in the UK, is shipping now. If you look at the cover too much, it gets kind of trippy:

Scenes from the Cemetery Dance office: Something Odd Happened Today

Today’s “Scene from the Cemetery Dance Office” requires an introduction. Kate and I were at the office alone this afternoon while everyone else was out to lunch. The Post Office truck showed up for their daily pick-up, so we opened the big warehouse dock door, something we’ve done thousands of times over the last 10 years. Only something happened this time that has never happened before.

A few years ago, at the back of the warehouse, around the corner from the main floor, we mounted a basketball game from the top of the mezzanine. Do you know the kind of game I mean? There’s a basketball hoop with a backboard, and embedded in the backboard is a scoreboard and a timer. The game keeps track of how many shots Player A sinks in 30 seconds, then Player B takes a turn and tries to beat that score. We played this game a lot during the first six months we had it, to the point that we kept a sheet with “records” like “most points in 30 seconds” and “longest shot made,” etc. Although the game is still plugged in, it hasn’t been turned on and played in ages.

Well, today, when that warehouse door rolled up, the game suddenly turned on all by itself. We hadn’t heard the game’s musical chimes in so long that we didn’t even realize what had happened at first. Kate thought it was a noise from the truck and I thought the office’s alarm system had somehow been tripped, which means you have a few seconds to enter the code before all of the sirens go off and the cops show up.

Then we heard a very familiar sound: the special chime that indicates a shot has been sunk and a point awarded. Only the game didn’t chime once, it was chiming over and over, faster and faster.

By the time I got around the corner, the 30 seconds was up and Player A’s game was over. But the score definitely beat all of our records from years ago:

Something Sinister Is Watching Us Work

On top of the bookcases in the front office, something sinister is watching us work:

A New Book Is Delivered

The Limited Edition of Four Ghosts being delivered to our warehouse:

Two Cemetery Dance Baseball Caps

We’ve sold Cemetery Dance baseball caps from time to time, but the other hat in this photo was produced in an extremely limited quantity for a promotional photo shoot for a book we published in 2010. Can you name the book?

Photos of The Strain: The Deluxe Special Edition by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

Here are a few photos of the Deluxe Special Edition of The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, which I published at Lonely Road Books. If you’re reading this via email or on the front page or category page, click the “read more” button for the rest of the images.

The Strain

Limited Edition Slipcase (L), Lettered Edition Traycase (R)

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Signing 300 Copies of The Painted Darkness

Brian Keene, who wrote the introduction for The Painted Darkness, was kind enough to sign 300 copies of the trade paperback last week. Now it’s my turn:

Shipping The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King Scribner Hardcover

Our good friends at Scribner are publishing The Dark Tower: The Wind Through The Keyhole by Stephen King on April 24 and we’re starting to pack our preorders so they can be shipped out on Monday:

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