Want $20 or $50 in Free Cemetery Dance Store Credit?

Billy Chizmar and I are teaming up for a little promotion this month, and we have good news for all of our Patreon supporters who collect Cemetery Dance books.

If you’re one of my Patreon supporters — on any paid tier — as of the last day of September, Cemetery Dance will load $20 in free store credit onto your CD account in early October.

If you’re one of Billy’s Patreon supporters, same deal. $20 in free store credit will be yours.

If you happen to support BOTH of our accounts, you’ll get a bonus $10 in credit — meaning $50 will be loaded on your Cemetery Dance account next month to use toward a future purchase.

For those who haven’t signed up for my Patreon yet, now is a GREAT time to do so for several reasons:

1) That free Cemetery Dance credit mentioned above!

2) Every supporter with a current membership as of September 10 will receive a brand new signed Limited Edition chapbook.

3) Every supporter on the $20 tier or higher this month will receive the brand new Patreon Supporter Exclusive Limited Edition.

If you’re not already supporting W.H. Chizmar on Patreon, now is the time. You can get the Cemetery Dance store credit AND you can also go back and read the previous installments of his stunning novel, THEM, which he’s currently serializing. It’s one hell of a read.

More news soon!


P.S. BIG thanks to Paul Michael Kane for the amazing promotional image!