Killer Crimes

Featuring crime and dark suspense stories by Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Stewart O’Nan, Lisa Preston, Bill Pronzini, Mick Garris, Kate Moretti, Bev Vincent, Jeff Johnson, and James Renner!

About the Book:
Come closer, we have something to tell you. Closer still. This must be whispered. It cannot be shouted.

We’ve gathered these ten crime and dark suspense stories to keep you awake late into the night. These authors have peered into the darkest hearts of men (and women… and more!) and reported back on the evils they’ve seen there.

Be warned, though, you may not like what you find, but you also will not be able to stop turning the pages. Let’s get started…

Table of Contents
“Man With A Belly” by Stephen King
“Chalk” by Bill Pronzini
“The Winds of Astrodon” by James Renner
“Lilith Wade” by Kate Moretti
“Cantina Kinjiku” by Jeff Johnson
“The Quiet Won” by Lisa Preston
“Ugly” by Mick Garris
“In the Box” by Bev Vincent
“Summer of ’77” by Stewart O’Nan
“The Sons of Angus MacElster” by Joyce Carol Oates

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• Cemetery Dance Publications
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Limited Edition Hardcover
Limited Edition Hardcover