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Next Patreon Exclusive: Walking With Ghosts Limited Edition

It’s been such a busy summer that I never had a chance to post about the latest reward for Patreon supporters on Level 4 and above, which shipped back in July: the first US Limited Edition hardcover of my collection Walking With Ghosts.

Limited to just 200 signed and numbered copies, this special illustrated edition also features 60+ pieces of artwork by horror artist extraordinaire Glenn Chadbourne:

Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm. More news to come soon!


Next Patreon Exclusive Chapbook Shipping This Month!

The next signed Limited Edition chapbook for Patreon supporters on Level 2 and above has arrived and they turned out great!

If you’re a supporter and you’ve moved, please make sure your new address is on your Patreon profile page because that’s the database I use for shipping these rewards.

Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm. More news to come soon!


Next Patreon Exclusive Chapbook Deep in Production!

The “approval copies” for the next signed Limited Edition chapbook (for Patreon supporters on Level 2 and above) arrived and they look beautiful. I’ve given the printer the green light to complete the run:

This one will ship in June based on the current timing of the other materials.

If you’ve moved, please make sure your new address is on your Patreon profile page because that’s the database I use for shipping these rewards.

Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm. More news to come soon!


New Chapbook For Brian James Freeman Patreon Supporters!

We’re in the home stretch for the next signed Limited Edition chapbook for my Patreon supporters on Level 2 and above, and this one will ship in June based on the current timing.

If you’re not already on Level 2 or above, there’s still time to make the jump if you’re interested. Just visit the Join page on Patreon to join or to change your membership.

Because we have a lot of new supporters on the chapbook level this year, I’m taking a break from the “Lost Echoes” chapbook series and publishing one of my more popular standalone short stories instead. Here is a screenshot of the cover proof:

Generally speaking, the rest 2021 is going to be an extremely busy and exciting time here in the Freeman household. In addition to some new writing projects, Lividian Publications is ramping up to publish a good number of books in 2022 and beyond, and a lot of that work needs to get done this year.

Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm. More news to come soon!


Writing and Production Updates for Brian James Freeman Patreon Supporters!

I have lots of important updates for my Patreon supporters, so we’ll get right to it:

* The review copies of Walking With Ghosts had a small printing issue, but the ARC printer is rushing me a new batch to replace those. I should be able to get all of them shipped by this time next week. PLEASE make sure your mailing address is correct on your Patreon profile page. That’s where all of the shipments get generated from. Thank you!

* RELATED NOTE: The new “Special Illustrated Artist Limited Edition” of Walking With Ghosts will list ALL of my Patreon supporters as of March 1, 2021 in a special Thank You section. Your name will appear as it does on your Patreon profile page. I’ll be downloading the list later this week for my designer, so please be sure to double-check the spelling is exactly how you’d like it to be.

* Everything for this special edition is just about ready for the printer. Glenn Chadbourne is signing the signature sheets soon, and then I’ll sign, and then everything goes to the printer for a June shipping date:

* As before, there will be a Deluxe Lettered Edition of Walking With Ghosts created by my binder for supporters on Level 7 and above. Those editions won’t ship until later in the year, though, due to the production times involved. (The binding and case making is ALL done by hand.)

* I have a new (very short) story to post this month. It’s called “The Hired Gun,” and I think you’ll like it.

* I’ve been really stuck on the editing and rewriting of The Echo of Memory, which I’ve been wanting to serialize in full on Patreon for a long time now. For those who don’t know, here’s why I’ve been working so hard on a book I first wrote back in the ’90s:

After I graduated college in 2002, Don D’Auria at Leisure and Richard Chizmar at Cemetery Dance Publications both agreed to publish the book in 2004. Leisure would publish the mass-market paperback you’d see in regular bookstores while CD would produce a signed Limited Edition for collectors.

For reasons that are no longer important, it was recommended I use the pen name James Kidman and the title Black Fire on those first editions, which I now consider a mistake. I’ve since restored my name and my preferred title.

I also received “first reader” feedback that resulted in some more rewrites and additions to the text, many of which I later realized weren’t actually helpful to the story. There really can be too many cooks in the kitchen, and the originally published version suffered from that.

That’s probably why, while revising the manuscript this past year, I realized all of the padding needed to go. The resulting draft is leaner and maybe a little meaner, what the story always wanted to be. It isn’t perfect, but you should have seen the materials I started with!

This new draft goes to my copyeditor next month, and the serialization should start again this summer. Plus: I have a special surprise planned for later this year to thank everyone for their patience.

More news soon! Thank you very much for all of your support!


Exclusive New Signed & Illustrated Limited Edition JUST For My Patreon Supporters!

I’m now in the final stages of publishing my biggest special edition ever for Patreon Supporters in the form of a SIGNED AND NUMBERED ARTIST LIMITED EDITION of Walking With Ghosts.

This new special edition of Walking With Ghosts weighs in at a massive 488 pages and includes more than 60 illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, along with illustrated endpapers and a full-color cover.

The print run will be limited to a maximum of 200 copies, which will be printed for anyone who is on Level 4 and above as of the end of THIS MONTH and stays there until the books ship in late spring.

You can sign-up to support my Patreon page on the JOIN page over at Patreon. Select Level 4 or higher, stick around until the book is published, and you’ll automatically receive a copy!

Here are a few details about this signed and numbered Artist Limited Edition:
• 488 pages
• More than 60 illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne
• Illustrated endpapers by Glenn Chadbourne
• Full-color cover artwork by Glenn Chadbourne
• Offset printed on an acid-free paper stock with a fine cloth binding
• Hot foil stamping on the front cover and spine
• Smyth sewn to create a more durable binding
• Colored head and tail bands
• Sewn-in satin ribbon page marker
• Everyone on Level 3 and Above as of this week will receive a special Advance Review Copy I’m having printed just for supporters — not for distribution to anyone else
• Everyone on Level 4 and Above at the time of publication will automatically receive a copy of this Signed and Numbered Artist Limited Edition, which will be published as a fine hardcover and signed by Brian James Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne

Here is a mock-up that shows Glenn’s awesome cover artwork:

More news and details to come soon! Thank you very much for all of your support!


THE HALLOWEEN CHILDREN: Trade Paperback Coming Soon!

We weren’t sure if this would come together in time, but I’m pleased to report The Halloween Children, which I co-wrote with Norman Prentiss, will be published in trade paperback for the first time ever this October!

Amazon already has their copies, and Cemetery Dance will be shipping this title in time for Halloween.

More news to come! Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm!


General Patreon News From Brian James Freeman!

For those who are curious about what I’ve been posting on Patreon, you can see the new “Table of Contents” I created a while back. It has links to most of my Patreon posts, which will give you some idea of what I’m doing over there.

As you might know, I don’t “push” my Patreon because I figure readers who are really interested in that sort of thing will sign up without the hard sell, AND because this whole new way of doing things is still weird and uncomfortable to discuss at times.

We’re a long way from the days when authors didn’t discuss “business” in public, but we’re not that far… So asking readers to directly to contribute to the writing and publishing process like this is still strange to an old dog like me. And I am very, very grateful for the response to my Patreon account, and for the work my supporters have made possible.

All of that said, I did want to mention that a couple of slots on various Rewards Levels have become available in recent months.

If signing up appeals to you and fits into your entertainment budget, I would love to see you there! But I really don’t want anyone stretching themselves thin to support my writing. You all have bills to pay and families to take care of, too, and I totally understand that.

Stay safe out there, and be good to one another.


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