Weak and Wounded

“Brian James Freeman’s stories will leave you greatly moved and a bit disoriented, as a truth is uncovered, a hope is concealed, a terror is faced, a horror is revealed.”
— From the introduction by bestselling author Ron McLarty

This collection by Brian James Freeman features characters who are searching for answers to deeply troubling questions:

• In “Running Rain,” a devastated husband and wife pretend life can somehow be normal again after their son becomes a victim of a serial killer known as The Riverside Strangler, but the dark secrets they’re keeping from each other push their relationship to the brink.

• Jacob is a cable repair technician who doesn’t much care for his job, and in “Mama’s Sleeping” he finds himself troubleshooting a very serious problem with the unusual little girl who appears to be all alone in Apartment 6B.

• Considering how high the radiation levels still are, no one is supposed to be in the abandoned town near the old nuclear power plant,  but a journalist feels he is being watched just the same in “An Instant Eternity.”

• “Where Sunlight Sleeps” is the tale of a grieving father and his young son, both dealing with a shared loss the best they can, who take a trip down a memory lane lined with jagged edges and vicious traps.

• The young couple in “Marking the Passage of Time” face the imminent end of the world while trying to determine where all of the time they thought they still had has gone.

• In “Walking With the Ghosts of Pier 13,” a young man visits the beach front amusement park where his brother died during a terrorist attack that changed the country forever.

• And finally: the question isn’t how do you prove “A Mother’s Love,” but instead, how does a son finally prove his love for his mother is eternal and never-ending?

These hauntingly beautiful stories show why Publishers Weekly called Brian James Freeman’s writing “skillfully composed prose” and why Tess Gerritsen said, “Brian James Freeman managed to both scare me and move me to tears.”

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Reviews & Praise
Weak and Wounded plunges us into small worlds, in which people live desperate lives and struggle with impossible decisions.  Loss permeates every page: these people survive the deaths of parents, children, spouses, and siblings, only to find that survival might be a fate worse than death.  But the power in these pages comes not from what our protagonists suffer, but how they suffer it.  How they continue to go on…. By tying these stories together by theme, feel, and intent, Freeman has created a work of collected fiction that stands as one piece.  Each story beats with its own punctured heart, but taken as a whole, Weak and Wounded is even better than the sum of its broken and damaged parts.”
FEARnet, Kevin Quigley

“This is the most enjoyable compilation of Brian James Freeman’s work that I have read to date. Every single story was entertaining and had tremendous shock value… these tales represented some of his best short story writing. The artwork by Glenn Chadbourne featured at the end of each story just enhanced the chill factor of each tale, bringing the scene imagined by the reader to life. I had a blast reading Weak and Wounded.
— G-POP.net, Melissa Minners

“Brian James Freeman is a brilliant writer whose horror stories do not rely upon vampires, zombies or werewolves, as the present collection (a slim book reprinting five of his previously published stories) clearly demonstrates. In these stories he portrays one of the true horrors afflicting human existence, namely the pain,the hurt and the emptiness created by the loss of loved ones. Freeman describes that horror with skill, insight and finesse, leaving behind a deep sense of sorrow and anger for the atrocities of life… Whether you’re a horror fan or not, it doesn’t matter: anyone fond of good fiction addressing and probing the deep secrets of the human soul will be enchanted by the sheer beauty of those stories.”
— SF Site, Mario Guslandi

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March 6, 2019

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March 6, 2019

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ISBN: 978-1-58767-314-6
Publication Date: January 2014

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Limited Edition Hardcover