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Newly Revised & Expanded Trade Paperback Edition of MORE THAN MIDNIGHT!

I’m very pleased to report the newly revised and expanded trade paperback edition of my collection MORE THAN MIDNIGHT is being announced today and will ship later this month. This new edition features creepy cover artwork by the awesome Vincent Chong, stories that weren’t in the original hardcover, and story notes as well — plus anyone who orders in the next week or so from Cemetery Dance Publications can get their copy signed for free!

Just a reminder: my Patreon supporters at Levels Six and Above as of the end of the day TODAY will automatically receive a signed copy of the book with their Patreon membership, so they don’t need to place an order.

Thank you again for all of your support!

A Few Photos of My “An Unusual Proposition For a Mountain Man” Chapbook

I’m still working hard on improving my “product” photography skills, which have always been lacking, and here are a few shots of the new chapbook I published for my supporters over on Patreon. Not bad, but there are some things I want to try differently for the next one!

Update on “An Unusual Proposition For a Mountain Man” Chapbook

Good news about the “An Unusual Proposition For a Mountain Man” chapbook I’m publishing next month for my supporters over on Patreon:

I’ve sent the final files to the printer, so I should have the actual chapbooks in about two weeks!

Because there were a few extra blank pages at the end, I included an “alternate ending” for the story. It’s a small change that is also kind of a big change in terms of how you might interpret the preceding events.

My first readers were torn over the possible endings, so I thought it would be fun to include both of them for your perusal. Future printings of the story will only have one ending, although I cannot say for sure yet which one since I have no clue which one I like better.

More news soon… Thank you again for all of your support!

New Chapbook: “An Unusual Proposition For a Mountain Man”

“An Unusual Proposition For a Mountain Man” is the second chapbook I’m printing exclusively for my Patreon supporters, and Glenn Chadbourne contributed five interior pieces of artwork to make the chapbook extra special. This reward will ship to all supporters who are on Level Two or above as of January 31, 2019, so now is the perfect time to sign-up if you’re interested in what I’m doing over on Patreon!

About the Chapbook:
When he heard the polite knock on the cabin’s wooden door, Buddy “Bud” Williams was certain another pretty face had arrived to represent the developer who wanted his land to build a neighborhood of godawful McMansions.

Bud was right on one of those counts, but very very wrong about the other. The person at his door came with a life-changing offer, but the life that would be changed the most was not Bud’s… it was his son’s life, probably the only person Bud actually cared about.

What will Bud do when it’s time to make the most important decision of his life, and what will the true consequences of that decision be?A

Starting in January: THE ECHO OF MEMORY

I have big plans for 2019 and 2020 for my Patreon supporters, and one of projects I’ve been working on is a serialized novel that will run for most of 2019.

I’ll be posting one chapter each week from The Echo of Memory, which is a heavily revised version of my first published novel. In 2004, the book was published as Black Fire by James Kidman. There was a paperback edition from Leisure and a signed Limited Edition hardcover from Cemetery Dance Publications, but I’m restoring my preferred title and my real name for all future editions.

I’ll be working through the revisions as I post the chapters, but the first 100 pages have already seen a ton of fine tuning and some serious excising of unnecessary material.

Yep, this is one of those very rare “Author’s Preferred Editions” where stuff is being CUT out instead of crammed back in, and you won’t miss the things I’m editing out. They were the product of a first novelist’s insecurities about readers and the publishing world in general. This is a book where “less is more” should have been the mantra.

In 2020, the book will be republished in print, but for 2019, it’ll be an online exclusive for my Patreon supporters.

I’ll have some more news to share soon — including what I’m working on in 2019 to lay the groundwork for an extremely ambitious project for my Patreon supporters in 2020 — and I thank everyone again for all of your support!


Publication Plans For 2019 And Beyond!

A few readers who asked for more information about supporting my Patreon account also suggested I might want to post my current publication plans for 2019, and I’m happy to provide this list for reference!  Some of these pub dates are outside my control, of course, but right now I’m hoping we’ll see most of these next year:

The Echo of Memory — a novel (and I have some big news to share very soon!)
The Zombie Who Cried Human — hardcover editions are headed to the printer this month, so they should be out by spring
Weak and Wounded — expanded trade paperback and eBook editions
More Than Midnight — expanded trade paperback and eBook editions
Dreamlike States — expanded trade paperback and eBook editions
Lost and Lonely — expanded trade paperback and eBook editions
Reading Stephen King — trade paperback and eBook editions
Detours — trade paperback and eBook editions
Walking With Ghosts — low print run “heavily illustrated” US Limited Edition hardcover
Walking With Ghosts — trade paperback and eBook edition
Killer Crimes — an anthology co-edited with Richard Chizmar
Halloween Carnival — the omnibus Limited Edition hardcover (600+ pages!)
Dark Screams: Volume One Omnibus — Limited Edition hardcover, co-edited with Richard Chizmar
* Plus several more foreign editions, but I’m not sure the exact plans for those yet.

Dates unknown but already in the works, so hopefully 2020:
Untitled Anthology — an anthology of circus and carnival stories with an amazing line-up
The Suicide Diary — a novel
The Slow Zombie and the Fast Zombie — a new children’s book illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne
Blue November Storms — an Omnibus Edition with never before published material including the original unpublished novelette and artwork from an abandoned graphic novel adaptation

I am grateful for everyone’s support at ALL LEVELS, which is why ALL SUPPORTERS as of November 30  will be receiving a free signed gift from my personal collection next month.

Thank you again for all of your support!

See What Shipped To My Level Seven Patreon Supporters This Month!

For those who are curious, above is a photo of what just shipped to my Level Seven Patreon supporters this month. They will also receive a special Traycased Lettered Edition of Patreon Stories: Volume One in 2019 when the traycases are ready. I believe the official print run of that edition is just 4 lettered copies and 6 publisher’s copies, making it easily the most rare edition ever of my work.

Also, as a special bonus, those paperback editions of The Zombie Who Cried Human are not only signed by Glenn and me, but Glenn took the time to add a special “remarque” — an original drawing — on the title page to make the copies extra special for my supporters.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m probably going to have to close Level Six and Level Seven to new supporters at the end of December to keep the budget balanced for 2019, so if you’re thinking about making the jump, now is a good time to do it. 🙂 Anyone who is a supporter on those levels at the end of December can remain at their level even after it is closed to new supporters, and new members will only be able to select those levels if someone else drops out first. Also, if you do sign-up soon, I will be sending any new supporters on Level Six or Level Seven what I can from the above picture in December. I don’t have copies of everything left, but I’ll definitely send you a very nice “starter” package!

I am grateful for everyone’s support at ALL LEVELS, which is why ALL SUPPORTERS as of November 30  will be receiving a free signed gift from my personal collection next month.

Thank you again for all of your support!

FREE Gift In December For ALL of My Patreon Supporters!

To thank everyone for your tremendous support this year, I’ll be sending out a FREE BONUS REWARD in December to anyone who is a supporter on Patreon as of November 30, 2018!

The retail value of this gift will be $7 to $10, the item will be personally SIGNED, and I’ll even pay shipping to your address anywhere in the world.

All you need to do to qualify is be a Patreon supporter at any level and I’ll do the rest. If you’re new to my Patreon page and want to sign-up, you can learn more on the JOIN page.

Thank you again for all of your support!

THE HALLOWEEN CHILDREN eBook Edition Is Only 99 Cents Today!

I just noticed that The Halloween Children, which I co-wrote with Norman Prentiss, is discounted right now to just 99 cents! I have no idea how long this deal from Hydra/Random House will last, but if you missed out or think you might want to re-read the book down the road, now might be the perfect time to grab a copy. Thank you again for all of your support!

You can read more about the book or place your order via these links:
Amazon.com • Amazon.co.uk • Barnes & Noble • iBookstore • Kobo

New Halloween Carnival Series Page On Amazon!

I’m very pleased to report Amazon has also added a “series page” for the Halloween Carnival series to make it easier for you to find all of the books and see which ones you have and don’t have! Click on the image below to visit the page:

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