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Lettered Edition Art Pages For The Dark Man by Stephen King

We decided to try something a little different for the Deluxe Lettered Edition of The Dark Man by Stephen King. Each copy of the Lettered Edition from Cemetery Dance Publications includes a hand-drawn Dark Man illustration by Glenn Chadbourne that will be tipped into the front of the book.

To make this possible, we printed up special art sheets, sent them to Glenn in Maine, who spent about two weeks illustrating them, and then he sent them back. Now they’re with the printer, who will be carefully placing one in each copy of the Lettered Edition to make that copy unique.

I thought some of our collectors might like to see a few of the drawings so I scanned a couple of pages before they left the office.

The Dark Man Lettered Edition Art Page Sample

The Dark Man Lettered Edition Art Page Sample

The Dark Man Lettered Edition Art Page Sample

The Dark Man Lettered Edition Art Page Sample

The Dark Man Lettered Edition Art Page Sample

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King — Color Artwork by Vincent Chong

As many of you know, this fall Cemetery Dance Publications will be publishing a special edition of Stephen King’s new novel, Doctor Sleep, which is a follow-up to The Shining. Here is a preview of the color artwork Vincent Chong has created for the Cemetery Dance edition of this very special book:

The Beautiful Stephen King Artwork of Erin S. Wells

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Erin S. Wells on several projects now, including It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King and my Dueling Minds anthology among others. Several collectors hired her to remarque their copies of It and she was kind enough to let me share a few samples here on the blog. (A remarque is an original drawing created by an artist directly in the book.)

First Photos of the Zombies vs. Robots: This Means War! Limited Edition From IDW

IDW Publishing’s signed Limited Edition of Zombies vs. Robots: This Means War! is getting very close to completion. This special edition is signed by Jesse Bullington, Nancy A. Collins, Lincoln Crisler, Brea Grant, Nicholas Kaufmann, Joe McKinney, James A. Moore, Yvonne Navarro, Norman Prentiss, Rachel Swirsky, Sean Taylor, Steve Rasnic Tem, with ZvR co-creator Chris Ryall and editor Jeff Conner.  You can place your order on the Cemetery Dance website.

Here are some quick photos of the first copy of the Limited Edition that IDW sent our way:

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Glenn Chadbourne color remarques in Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Glenn Chadbourne “remarqued” several copies of the Lettered Edition of Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King for collectors. A remarque is an original drawing created by an artist directly in the book. Glenn spent five full days working on these remarques. You can click on each image to see a larger version:

Shipping the It: 25th Anniversary Edition Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio

As mentioned in a previous post, Cemetery Dance Publications has produced a Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio featuring all of the artwork from our 25th Anniversary Edition of It by Stephen King. Our customers have really enjoyed the “behind the scenes” photos I’ve posted in the past when we’ve been shipping a cool new project, so I thought I’d post a few shots here on the blog for this one. These photos, as always, were taken with my patented slightly blurry and out of focus camera technique that would make me an excellent Bigfoot photographer.


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Behind the Scenes: The 25th Anniversary Edition of IT Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio

When it comes to my day job at Cemetery Dance Publications, I’m often tossing out random ideas for new projects, just to keep things interesting.

For example, I once suggested we put together a huge Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio featuring all of the artwork from the The 25th Anniversary Edition of It by Stephen King that we published in December, even though we had never really tried an artwork portfolio on that scale before.

Everyone agreed it seemed like a fine idea, so we made special arrangements with Glen Orbik, Alan M. Clark, and Erin Wells to collect all of their artwork from the book into an oversized portfolio. By oversized I mean the artwork alone is 11 inches by 14 inch. Obviously, the portfolio to hold the artwork would need to be even bigger. After the deals were made, we created a special signature sheet to be signed by all three artists. We publicly announced the project and we limited the portfolio to a one-time printing of just 500 sets.

But getting the actual portfolio to look and feel the way we wanted took almost three months and four prototypes. The first prototype was too flimsy and didn’t feel elegant enough. For the second prototype, we used a heavier material and we also tried an alternate closure for a different look, but the closure didn’t really keep the portfolio shut and we were concerned the artwork would just fly out if someone moved it too quickly. The third prototype nailed the material weight and closure just right, but they accidentally made it at 2/3s the final size, so we had a fourth prototype made just to be sure everything was perfect. These prototypes are constructed by hand, one at a time, so they’re not cheap, but they’re well worth the cost when you consider the alterative: producing a less than desirable collectible. The final prototype was everything we envisioned and we gave it the green light.

The finished portfolios will begin shipping in late March, but below are some photos of the final approve case they sent us today. For the first photo, keep in mind how large our special edition of It by Stephen King is and that’ll give you a good feel for how huge these portfolios are.


Tomislav Tikulin’s Beautiful Cover Painting For Gideon’s Corpse by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

On Tuesday, Cemetery Dance Publications announced a deluxe special edition of Gideon’s Corpse, the forthcoming novel from New York Times bestselling collaborators Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

This signed Limited Edition is already more than 70% sold out, just 48 hours later, and today I wanted to show off the stunning cover painting Tomislav Tikulin (who also painted the cover for the special edition of Gideon’s Sword) has turned in. Click on the image for a much larger version:

The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition Cover Artwork by Caniglia

As I mentioned a while back, Lonely Road Books will be publishing a special Limited Edition of The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Edition by William Peter Blatty.  The book sold out just 30 hours after it was announced, which is excellent for the collectors who managed to snag a copy, and production is moving along smoothly.  In fact, today I’m extremely pleased to unveil Caniglia’s incredible cover painting for the book, which I absolutely love:

Caniglia is now working on the interior artwork and I’ll try to post a few more samples between now and publication.  Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments!

The Stephen King Book Covers That Might Have Been

One of my favorite jobs at Cemetery Dance Publications is the day-to-day book production work.

We published two new Stephen King books in 2010: the World’s First Edition of Blockade Billy and the Deluxe Limited Edition of Full Dark, No Stars. Most collectors never get to see “behind the scenes” of the creation of a Limited Edition book, so I thought it would be fun to discuss how the cover artwork and design for Full Dark, No Stars came to be.

If you’ve read Full Dark, No Stars, you know this book has a really dark heart, which made deciding on a cover image and designing that cover a serious challenge.  Plus, we were publishing three editions of the book (Slipcased Gift Edition, Signed Limited Edition, Signed Lettered Edition), so this one book would actually have three different dust jackets.

First, we needed an artist. After much discussion, and once we rejected the idea of going with an AC/DC “Back in Black” style dust jacket, we hired Tomislav Tikulin to paint the cover. We had been impressed with his work on other projects and we felt he would bring a fresh perspective to this particular Limited Edition. We knew we wanted a wrap-around cover painting (artwork on the front cover and back cover) with the back cover somehow “showing the inner darkness” of the character on the front cover, but those were the only instructions we gave him so he wouldn’t be limited by our ideas.

Tomislav spent weeks on the painting, showing us each stage and discussing ideas and looking for feedback and suggestions to nail the tone, and he has very graciously allowed me to reprint those different drafts on this page, so you can get a better feel for the process of how the artwork was created.

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