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Halloween Carnival: Volume Five Received a STARRED REVIEW From Publishers Weekly!

Halloween Carnival: Volume Five has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and here’s just a bit of what they had to say:

In this nail-bitingly tense short horror anthology, each of the five stories packs its own particular punch… This miniature cavalcade of spine-tingling and thought-provoking horrors lives up to its name and is the perfect Halloween treat.”

It’s never too late for a little Halloween in your life, so please feel free to grab a copy if you haven’t already!

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Halloween Carnival Volume Five

AVAILABLE NOW! Halloween Carnival: Volume Five featuring Richard Chizmar, Lisa Tuttle, Norman Prentiss, Kevin Quigley, and Peter Straub!

Halloween Carnival: Volume Five has been published and is now available for immediate download! Featuring stories by Richard Chizmar, Lisa Tuttle, Norman Prentiss, Kevin Quigley, and Peter Straub! These incredible authors unmask monsters hiding in plain sight in an anthology of heart-pounding short fiction assembled by horror author and editor Brian James Freeman.

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JUST ANNOUNCED! Halloween Carnival: Volume Five featuring Richard Chizmar, Lisa Tuttle, Norman Prentiss, Kevin Quigley, and Peter Straub!

Hydra, a division of Random House, will be publishing my new series of Halloween eBook anthologies called Halloween Carnival in the weeks leading up to Halloween 2017!

Halloween Carnival: Volume Five featuring stories by Richard Chizmar, Lisa Tuttle, Norman Prentiss, Kevin Quigley, and Peter Straub will be published on October 31, 2017, but you can preorder your copy today, so you’re guaranteed this brand new Halloween anthology will be ready for you to read on the big day this year!

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JUST ANNOUNCED! Reading Stephen King edited by Brian James Freeman!

I’m very pleased to announce Reading Stephen King, an anthology of essays by some seriously incredible writers, will be published later this year by Cemetery Dance Publications!

About the Book:
Stephen King has inspired millions of readers with his writing for more than four decades, and this special volume of essays gathers together some of his high-profile fans to discuss why they love reading the works of Stephen King.

Many of these fans are acclaimed authors of fiction in their own right. Some of them have written insightful books about Stephen King’s work, exploring how King’s natural storytelling gift has allowed him to create stories that reach people in every language around the world. A few of them have even written, produced, and directed movie adaptations of King’s most acclaimed works.

In this book you will join Clive Barker, Stewart O’Nan, Richard Chizmar, Frank Darabont, Stephen Spignesi, Justin Brooks, Tony Magistrale, Michael R. Collings, Rocky Wood, Robin Furth, Kevin Quigley, Hans-Ake Lilja, Billy Chizmar, Jack Ketchum, Bev Vincent, Mick Garris, and Jay Franco as they discuss their love of reading Stephen King…

Purchase the Book:
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Reading Stephen King Limited Edition

The Stephen King Library Desk Calendar 2013

I received my contributor’s copy of The Stephen King Library Desk Calendar 2013 from Book-of-the-Month Club and once again they’ve gone above and beyond to create a great gift for any type of Stephen King fan, from the casual reader to the serious collector. The theme this year was “King Anniversaries” and the calendar includes excerpts from King books that are celebrating anniversaries in 2013 including The Stand, Christine, Pet Sematary, Bag of Bones, Duma Key, and more.

As always, editor Jay Franco did an incredible job bringing together a great group of contributors including a lot of old favorites plus some strong new voices. My piece is called “Publishing a Stephen King Special Edition” and I discuss a little bit of the background and “behind the scenes” information of how Cemetery Dance published It: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition by Stephen King last December.

Here is the official sales copy from the Book-of-the-Month Club:

Welcome to the 2013 Stephen King Library Desk Calendar. If you’re here for the first time, welcome. If you are a return customer, welcome back, Mr. Torrance. We’ve been expecting you.

King’s world has grown so much since we entered the Dark Tower for last year’s calendar theme. With The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel published in April 2012, we’re proudly carrying on the tradition of the ka-tet into this year with some discussion of that release. We’re also hot on the heels of King’s time-travel novel, 11/22/63: A Novel—a phenomenal ride into the past.

For this year’s theme we’re once again headed into the past, where we’ll be celebrating King stories that all hit a memorable milestone this year: the 35th anniversary of The Stand and Night Shift, and 30 years for Christine and Pet Sematary—and more. I’ll let you discover the rest of the milestones for yourselves, but we’ll be reminiscing, discussing and sharing some dark and delightful trivia for them all. We’ll also share a glimpse into the places King will be taking us in the future, like catching us up with the child hero from The Shining, Danny Torrance, in the upcoming sequel, Doctor Sleep. Join us all year long!

Read more on their website today!

Stephen King Library 2013 Desk Calendar Table of Contents
Dec 31, 2012 – Jan 6 — introduction / editor letter — Jay Franco
Jan 7 – Jan 13 — This Book Is a Weapon — matt bergin
Jan 14 – Jan 20 — Ever Relevant — Jay Franco
Jan 21 – Jan 27 — 35th ANNIVERSARY – THE STAND — excerpt — Stephen King
Jan 28 – Feb 3 — King’s Lord of the Rings — Myke Cole
Feb 4 – Feb 10 — A Most Generous King — Jay Franco
Feb 11 – Feb 17 — The Stand Trivia — Fotini Marcopulos
Feb 18 – Feb 24 — Irons in the Fire — Jay Franco
Feb 25 – Mar 3 — 35th ANNIVERSARY – NIGHT SHIFT — an excerpt — Stephen King
Mar 4 – Mar 10 — Night Shift TRIVIA — Fotini Marcopulos
Mar 11 – Mar 17 — It’s About Time — matt bergin
Mar 18 – Mar 24 — 30th ANNIVERSARY – CHRISTINE — an excerpt — Stephen King
Mar 25 – Mar 31 — 30th ANNIVERSARY – CHRISTINE — an excerpt — Stephen King
Apr 1 – Apr 7 — Christine TRIVIA — Fotini Marcopulos
Apr 8 – Apr 14 — A King’s Ranking — Jay Franco
Apr 15 – Apr 21   — A Birthday to Die For! — Samantha Etkin
Apr 22 – Apr 28 — 30th ANNIVERSARY – PET SEMATARY — an excerpt — Stephen King
Apr 29 – May 5 — Coming Back Wrong — Jeff Somers
May 6 – May 12 — Squeaky’s Return — Matt DeVirgiliis
May 13 – May 19 — Pet Sematary essay — Peter Brett
May 20 – May 26 — 20th ANNIVERSARY – DOLORES CLAIBORNE – an excerpt — Stephen King
May 27 – June 2 — Dolores Claiborne TRIVIA — Fotini Marcopulos
June 3 – June 9 — Mysterious Benefactor — Diane Ketcham
June 10 – June 16 — Nightmares & Dreamscapes trivia essay — Fotini Marcopulos
June 17 – June 23 — 20th ANNIVERSARY – NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES — an excerpt — Stephen King
June 24 – June 30 — Fear Does Not Exist in This Dojo — Jay Franco
July 1 – July 7 — Looking into The Eyes of The Dragon — Jay Franco
July 8 – July 14 — “Maine Man” — the editors
July 15 – July 21 — King the Scrivener — Justin Brooks
July 22 – July 28 — 15th ANNIVERSARY – BAG OF BONES — an excerpt — Stephen King
July 29 – Aug 4 — Bag of Bones TV Miniseries – The Sitelet — Jay Franco
Aug 5 – Aug 11 — The King films of 1983 — Dan Kimmel
Aug 12 – Aug 18 — Bag of Bones – Trivia — Fotini Marcopulos
Aug 19 – Aug 25 — Duma Key related trivia — Fotini Marcopulos
Aug 26 – Sept 1 — 5th ANNIVERSARY – DUMA KEY — an excerpt — Stephen King
Sept 2 – Sept 8 — Divorce & Departure — Kevin Quigley
Sept 9 – Sept 15   — A Discussion of: The Wind Through the Keyhole — Jay Franco
Sept 16 – Sept 22 — Dark Tower essay — Stephen Jewell
Sept 23 – Sept 29 — 5th ANNIVERSARY – JUST AFTER SUNSET  — an excerpt — Stephen King
Sept 30 – Oct 6 — Just After Sunset trivia — Fotini Marcopulos
Oct 7 – Oct 13 — The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Carrie — Jay Franco
Oct 14 – Oct 20 — The Philosophy of Time Travel — Jay Franco
Oct 21 – Oct 27 — The ROAD RAGE Collaboration —  Jay Franco
Oct 28 – Nov 3 — Top 5 Horror Websites — Jay Franco
Nov 4 – Nov 10 — Embracing It — Jay Franco
Nov 11 – Nov 17 — Inspiration Insight —  Matt DeVirgiliis
Nov 18 – Nov 24 — 10th Anniversary of the Dark Tower: The Wolves of the Calla — Robin Furth
Nov 25 – Dec 1 — Insert Dead Pet Comedic Relief Here — Matt DeVirgiliis
Dec 2 – Dec 8 — A Love/Hate Relationship — Jay Franco
Dec 9 – Dec 15  — A discussion of documentary, ROOM 237 —  Jay Franco
Dec 16 – Dec 22  — Publishing a Stephen King Special Edition — Brian James Freeman
Dec 23 – Dec 29  — Publishing a Stephen King Special Edition [continued] — Brian James Freeman
Dec 30 – Jan 5, 2014  — Last Night I dreamed of a Tiger —  Jay Franco 

Glenn Chadbourne’s Stephen King Movie Characters SIGNED Limited Edition Art Print

This week is your last chance to get the free bonus Glenn Chadbourne “Stephen King Movie Characters” Signed Limited Edition Art Print with your purchase of any edition of The Illustrated Stephen King MOVIE Trivia Book by Brian James Freeman, Kevin Quigley, and Hans-Ake Lilja. The art print has a $24.95 retail value and orders for this book with US shipping addresses qualify for Free US Shipping right now through the Cemetery Dance online store.

Here is a sneak peek at the art print, but click on the image for a much larger view so you can see all of the details Glenn snuck in:

Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book (Times 2!)

In the past week I’ve been involved in the announcement of two different Stephen King trivia books:

The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book: Revised & Updated Second Edition by Brian James Freeman & Bev Vincent with illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne and a new introduction by Kevin Quigley, founder of Charnel House, one of the original Stephen King fan sites on the Internet:

The Illustrated Stephen King MOVIE Trivia Book by Brian James Freeman, Kevin Quigley, and Hans-Ake Lilja with illustrations by Glenn Chabourne and an afterword by Mick Garris, director of The Stand, The Shining, Riding the Bullet, Desperation, Bag of Bones, and many others:

These trivia books are always a lot of fun to put together, but the best part is being the first to see the original illustrations that Glenn Chadbourne comes up with. (Each book has 50 to 60 questions that are based on an illustration.) I thought you might like a sneak peek at just a few of the 100+ illustrations he created for these two books:
Continue reading “Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book (Times 2!)”