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“Monster Night” Appears In DARK HALLOWS: 10 HALLOWEEN HAUNTS

Good news! My Halloween short story “Monster Night” is being reprinted in Dark Hallows: 10 Halloween Haunts from Scarlet Galleon Publications.

About the Book:
Dark Hallows: 10 Halloween HauntsSome treats are better than tricks!

As summer turns to autumn, Scarlet Galleon Publications, publisher of the Amazon #1 bestselling horror anthology, DEAD HARVEST: A Collection of Dark Tales, offers readers a collection of Halloween tales to help celebrate the season in a chillingly unforgettable way.
10 authors. 10 haunting tales. 1 incredible anthology.

DARK HALLOWS will have you leaving the lights on, just to make sure you’re really alone.

Featuring NEW fiction from Cemetery Dance founder and publisher, Richard Chizmar. With original artwork by Aaron Dries.

Also included are stories from:

Brian James Freeman, Norman Partridge, Robert Morrish, Al Sarrantonio, Ronald Malfi, Aaron Dries, Adam Cesare, Mark Parker, and Lisa Morton

Order from for immediate shipping or for signed copies that will begin shipping next week!

“Monster Night” Published In Italy As “Il mostro della notte”

Delos Books in Italy has published an eBook edition of my short story “Monster Night,” which was originally published as an eBook original by Cemetery Dance Publications in October 2012.


Here is the Italian sales copy for the eBook:

La Zucca Divoratrice veniva risvegliata dalle persone che portavano via i suoi amici per intagliarli e trasformarli in lanterne.

Quando Jonathon chiese a sua madre come mai, durante la notte di Halloween, tutti indossavano un costume, lei rispose che il mascheramento aiutava i bambini piccoli e innocui a passeggiare senza pericoli tra i ghoul e i folletti che si celavano nell’oscuritĂ  di quella giornata particolare. Ma quest’anno uno di quei mostri della notte potrebbe aver seguito Jonathon fino a casa, molto tempo dopo che le caramelle e i costumi sono stati messi via. Una volta il fidanzato di sua madre gli aveva accennato la storia dei bambini attaccati nei loro letti da una zucca gigante. E ora… qualcosa picchiava contro un lato della casa.

Translated by Google:

The Pumpkin Devourer was awakened by the people who took away his friends and turned them into lanterns…

When Jonathon asked his mother why, during the night of Halloween, everyone wore a costume, she replied that the mask helped the children and harmless to walk safely among the ghouls and goblins that lurked in the darkness of that special day. But this year one of those monsters of the night might have followed Jonathon home, long after the candy and costumes have been put away. Once the boyfriend of his mother told him the story of the children attacked in their beds by a giant pumpkin. And now… something has hit against the side of the house.

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