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Patreon Stories: Volume Two Lettered Edition

The first copy of the hand-bound Patreon Stories: Volume Two Lettered Edition has arrived, and I’m really pleased with how this edition turned out. The book features real leather and imported hand-marbled endpapers, with a matching leather traycase. Best of all, this very special edition should ship later this week, assuming the postal system doesn’t shut down!

Here are some photos I took real quick for those who are interested:

Lots more news to come soon. Thank you  for all of your support!


Patreon Update!

I’ll try to keep this short since I know everyone’s schedule is crazy busy as the year winds down, but I wanted to give some project updates for those of you interested in what I’m doing on Patreon!

The Sniper Chapbook
We’re in the home stretch on The Sniper chapbook! All copies have been signed by Richard Chizmar and me, so now it’s a matter of preparing the custom-printed linen envelopes, putting together the shipping list, and packing all of them up to go out the door.

If you are a supporter on Level 2 or higher, please be sure to update your Patreon Account shipping address ASAP if you’ve moved because that database is where I get the shipping lists for rewards.

Patreon Stories: Volume Two
The printer managed to complete a partial run of the trade paperbacks before they closed for the holidays, and I expect the rest of the paperbacks and the full run of Limited Edition hardcovers in January. The sample copies they sent me turned out great:

Revival Limited Edition
The Revival Limited Edition has officially shipped to all the US retailers!

For my Patreon supporters on the LetterPress Publications Patreon Levels, your copy will be shipping next week if all goes well. My plan had been for your copies to ship FIRST, and that is the plan for all future books, but I thought up something special at the last second and that something special won’t be here until next week.

Here’s what we’re waiting for: your copy of Revival will be shipped to you in the custom printed shipping boxes I’m having made for VIPs (folks in the business, big name authors I send complimentary copies to, etc). Here’s a mock-up of what they will look like:

I hope this makes the book an even more special addition to your collection.

Thank you again for all of your support! More news to come soon!



Hi Folks!

We’re getting into a very busy time of year for everyone, so I’ll try to keep my updates short and sweet instead of rambling.

As you know if you read the Revival production update over at LetterPress Publications the other week, I spent much of my summer talking to printers after the one I had worked with for many years closed their doors. (They actually printed the very first Cemetery Dance Publications hardcover way back in 1992!)

The most urgent matter in my search were the BIG books on a tight schedule like Revival, but the old printer had also printed Patreon Stories: Volume One for me.

In September, it came time to find out which of the many printers I had talked to over the summer might be able to handle Patreon Stories: Volume Two.

I won’t get too far into the weeds, but the short version is this: a printer I actually drive past on my 90 minute commute to the Cemetery Dance offices will be printing this volume. As a kid, my family would drive by that printing plant on the way to vacations and the such, and I always thought it would be awesome if they printed one of my books, so this is kind of like coming full circle.

This morning, I added the names of all of my supporters as of October 31 to the special THANK YOU page that concludes the book, and I’ll be sending the printer all of the files next week.

I don’t have a schedule from them yet, but I’m hoping the Signed Trade Paperback and the Signed Limited Edition hardcover will ship by the end of the year. The super fancy Lettered Edition will take a few months longer to complete due to all of the hand-binding, etc. The plan is for it to make a nice matching set with the Volume One Lettered Edition, though.

Thank you, as always, for all of your support!