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Photos of Four Exclusive Items For The Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 4

As you might know, each fall Cemetery Dance Publications offers memberships to the Cemetery Dance Collectors Club. In addition to advance notifications of new books and special exclusive discounts, along other perks, the members also receive a couple of shipments of items that are only produced for members of the club and are not sold to the general public.

Although CDCC memberships won’t be sold again until fall 2014, I thought you might like to see the shipment that is going out to the current members right now, which consists of a poster featuring artwork by Alan M. Clark, a t-shirt featuring the complete text of a Kealan Patrick Burke short short story, a Cemetery Dance keychain, and a mousepad featuring a Glenn Chadbourne painting inspired by Stephen King:

Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 4

Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 4

Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 4

Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 4

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King: Uncut Sheets of Vincent Chong’s Full Color Artwork

As you might know, the Special Edition of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King from Cemetery Dance Publications was delayed a bit due to an issue with the two full-color artwork foldouts that were to be tipped into the book, but everything was fixed and the books turned out great, as you can see here and here. (Orders are still shipping at the moment, but our warehouse is making a herculean effort to get them all done.)

Our printer shipped us some of the artwork that was printed at the wrong size because we couldn’t stand the thought of them being dumped in the recycle bin, and we were surprised to discover that these are entirely uncut sheets of art. That’s not something people outside the production process normally get to see, so I’ve posted a photo with a copy of the trade hardcover of Doctor Sleep to give you an idea of the size.

You can click on the image for a larger version if you’d like:

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Uncut Artwork Sheets

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Signed Limited Edition: First Look!

This is one of the busiest months we’ve had in a very busy year, but here’s a sneak peek at the Traycased Signed Limited Edition of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, which will be shipping from the Cemetery Dance Publications warehouse right before Halloween. I posted photos of the Slipcased Gift Edition the other day, but we included it in a few of these shots as well.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Signed Limited Edition

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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Special Edition: First Look at the Limited Edition Traycase!

The Internet is down at the office, but Dan managed to send me a photo of the TRAYCASE for the Cemetery Dance Publications Limited Edition of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. You can click on this image for a larger version if you’d like to see the texture on the covering material:

Doctor Sleep Limited Edition Traycase

The Dark Man by Stephen King (First Photos of the Trade Editions)

Our first copies of The Dark Man by Stephen King arrived today. We should have all of our copies by Friday and we’ll begin shipping orders next week. Here is a quick photo Mindy took this morning. You can click on it for a larger version:

The Dark Man by Stephen King

You can read more about this project or place your order on The Dark Man product page on the Cemetery Dance website.

How The Talisman/Black House Slipcased Set Came To Be

black house poster by Tomislav TikulinThe final approval copy for our special slipcase for The Talisman and Black House arrived today and it looks great. See the photo at the end of this post.

For those who missed out on this set, I think the back story might be kind of interesting for collectors.

Last year, Scribner announced they would be reprinting The Talisman and Black House in a new matching hardcover set. A collector asked us if we would consider making an aftermarket slipcase for this set, which we thought was an interesting idea.

We’ve been producing limited run slipcases for most of Stephen King’s recent releases and our collectors really like how these cases turn out. We’re obviously big fans of the slipcases, too. In all honesty, they’re fairly expensive to make and we wouldn’t still be producing them if we didn’t like how they look!

After talking about the possibilities for a slipcase for this new set, we decided to go one step further and commission a bonus poster featuring original artwork by Tomislav Tikulin to make our set of the books extra special. You can see his awesome artwork to the right.

Then, in the fall, we learned that Scribner had only printed 2,250 copies of The Talisman and 2,660 copies of Black House, which is a tremendously low print run for a Stephen King trade edition. We had already purchased 400 of those copies, meaning there would only be 400 of our slipcased sets ever produced for collectors.

All 400 of these sets sold out last year and now that the slipcases are almost done, they’ll be ready to ship later this month.

the talisman slipcase

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