Brian James Freeman is the author of Walking With Ghosts, The Painted Darkness, Blue November Storms, Black Fire, Darkness Whispers (with Richard Chizmar), The Halloween Children (with Norman Prentiss), More Than Midnight, Weak and Wounded, Dreamlike States, Lost and Lonely, and Seven Stories, an Amazon eBook exclusive short story collection that was the #1 bestselling story collection on Amazon.com in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and France, and #2 bestseller in Italy.

Walking With GhostsThe Painted DarknessBlue November StormsThe Halloween ChildrenDarkness WhispersHalloween Carnival Volume OneHalloween Carnival Volume TwoHalloween Carnival Volume ThreeHalloween Carnival Volume FourHalloween Carnival Volume FiveDark Screams Volume OneDark Screams Volume TwoDark Screams Volume ThreeDark Screams Volume FourDark Screams Volume FiveDark Screams Volume SixDark Screams Volume SevenDark Screams Volume EightDark Screams Volume NineDark Screams Volume TenMore Than MidnightWeak and WoundedDreamlike StatesLost and LonelyThe Illustrated Stephen King Trivia BookStephen King Illustrated Movie Trivia BookDetoursReading Stephen King