My short story, “Among Us,” which I wrote in college, has been published in Allen K’s INHUMAN MAGAZINE #5.  This is a huge issue — more than 200 pages — and Allen Koszowski did a great job, as always.  If you want to read some good old-fashioned monster horror, this is the magazine for you.  I didn’t find the cover or Table of Contents anywhere on the web yet, so here they are:

NO. 5 FALL, 2011

new terrors

san diablo. Lisa Morton 4
soul-eater. Jill Bauman 13
lachesis . Monica J. O’Rourke 14
dragon people. Bruce Boston 23
homebody. Tim Waggoner 24
Dead Reckoning. Don D’Ammassa 35
Bernice. James S. Dorr 44
A Slow Corruption. Jon Hansen 51
Talent Does What It Can. Wrath James White 55
Donating. Pamela K. Kinney 60
mythos art gallery . 65
Mandy-Lu. Donald R. Burleson 73
The Lion of Orkahaugr. Christopher M. Cevasco 81
Love in a Time of Zombies. Darrell Schweitzer 92
Burden of Guilt 3: Growing Pains. James A. Moore 93
Scarecrows in the Nebraska Moonlight. Tim Curran 117
three barbers— No waiting. John Maclay 128
We Are the Monsters Now. Darrell Schweitzer 130
The Devil’s Vein. Ron Breznay 140
An Outsider. John Pelan 160
Among Us. Brian Freeman 173
The Carousel . Roman Ranieri 187
bloom where you’re planted. Cody Goodfellow 201

old horrors

Pick and Grim. Michael Shea 152
skinflowers. David Gerrold 181
Prowl. Barry N. Malzberg 197


from the vault. Editorial by Allen K.


  1. Stun me blind. What shivers await…congrats BJF – and green jell-o bubbles out my pores.

    Will search this one out. Thankx.

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