Next Patreon Exclusive Limited Edition — Patreon Stories: Volume Three

It’s been such a busy summer that I never had a chance to post about the latest reward for Patreon supporters on Level 3 and above, which will be shipping this month:

Patreon Stories: Volume Three is an exclusive collection of the stories and essays I published as chapbooks for my Patreon supporters between August 2017 and April 2023, along with the contents of a chapbook that was never published (along with an explanation for why), two related stories, and a bonus story that was only previously published online for supporters. There will be no trade editions, no eBooks, no audiobooks, and no foreign editions ever offered. There’s just this exclusive signed Limited Edition hardcover and the Deluxe Traycased Lettered Edition hardcover.

To enhance this special edition, Patreon Stories: Volume Three features original artwork by acclaimed artist François Vaillancourt, along with his artwork previously published in the chapbooks including the FOURTEEN alternate Stephen King covers in “What’s In a Name?” by Bev Vincent.

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Brian James Freeman
The River Town
An Unusual Proposition for a Mountain Man
The Sniper (by Richard Chizmar)
So It’s Come to This
Lost Echoes: Volume One
Lost Echoes: Volume Two
Lost Echoes: Volume Three
Lost Echoes: Pulled into Darkness
Lost Echoes: Not Without Regrets
You Are Released (by Joe Hill)
What’s In a Name? (by Bev Vincent)
Doing Dirty Work
The Hired Gun

Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm. More news to come soon!