Fate and The Exorcist: An In-depth Interview with William Peter Blatty

Many readers asked if my 10,000 word interview with William Peter Blatty from the Cemetery Dance Publications special edition of The Exorcist/Legion would ever be available again, so I’m pleased to report it’s been republished as an eBook for just 99 cents:

Fate and The Exorcist: An In-depth Interview with William Peter Blatty
by Brian James Freeman

When Cemetery Dance Publications managing editor Brian James Freeman sat down with William Peter Blatty for a quick interview, he already knew the New York Times bestselling author of The Exorcist, Legion, The Ninth Configuration, Elsewhere, and many other acclaimed novels was a fascinating person, as well as one of our most acclaimed writers of the last fifty years.

What Freeman didn’t expect was how open Blatty would be about his entire life and every aspect of his career, including both the highs and the lows. What started as a simple interview turned into a 10,000 word career-spanning discussion that touches on just about every project Blatty has ever conceived.

Starting with Blatty’s appearance on You Bet Your Life through the writing of The Exorcist and concluding with his current projects and his thoughts on fate and life in general, there is something for every William Peter Blatty fan in this incredibly in-depth interview.

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