Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King Lettered Edition Photos

The Deluxe Lettered Edition of Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King was limited to 52 signed and lettered copies.

This hand-bound, custom-made Lettered Edition book features:
* Cromwell “Charred Wood” Leather binding on spine
* black Skivertex Ecrases, Sanigal embossing with aqueous coating for front and back cover binding
* French Marbled endsheets
* pages edged with hand-dipped gold gilding
* hot-stamped, blind embossed with clear foil and simulated dusted gold foil on front and spine
* Smyth sewn with cotton thread
* cotton hinge cloth, sewn headbands, and brown silk ribbon page marker
* dust jacket with a different design than the other editions
* book printed on Mohawk Loop Laid Natural #70 paper

This handmade, custom-made box features:
* Skivertex “Brown” Spania with aqueous coating
* pastel copper baroque satin lining
* hot-stamped, black glossy foil and simulated dusted gold foil
* brass hinges and clasp
* box constructed with 100-point recycled chipboard


  1. Wow, just wow…! That looks awesome and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive. Only question I have is: why is the clasp on the bottom of the case?

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