New Chapbook For Brian James Freeman Patreon Supporters!

We’re in the home stretch for the next signed Limited Edition chapbook for my Patreon supporters on Level 2 and above, and this one will ship in June based on the current timing.

If you’re not already on Level 2 or above, there’s still time to make the jump if you’re interested. Just visit the Join page on Patreon to join or to change your membership.

Because we have a lot of new supporters on the chapbook level this year, I’m taking a break from the “Lost Echoes” chapbook series and publishing one of my more popular standalone short stories instead. Here is a screenshot of the cover proof:

Generally speaking, the rest 2021 is going to be an extremely busy and exciting time here in the Freeman household. In addition to some new writing projects, Lividian Publications is ramping up to publish a good number of books in 2022 and beyond, and a lot of that work needs to get done this year.

Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm. More news to come soon!