First Photos of the The Mailman Special Limited Edition by Bentley Little

Continuing my tradition of posting slightly blurry or out of focus photos of some of our cool new releases at Cemetery Dance Publications, here are the first photos of The Mailman Special Limited Edition by Bentley Little, which will begin shipping late next week. These photos include the optional slipcase that collectors could add to their order when the book was a preorder if they wanted a slipcase. As always, these quick shots really don’t convey the size of the book. Collectors who ordered it will see what I mean when your copy arrives. They’re bigger than you’d expect.

The Mailman

The Mailman

The Mailman

The Mailman

Read more or place your order on the Cemetery Dance website.


  1. Awesome, it looks very nice! I’m anxiously awaiting this and the It Artwork Portfolio.

    • It Artwork Portfolio will begin shipping by the end of the week! It will be a slow process to ship — the sets need to be assymbled, the signature sheets need to be numbered, the requested numbers need to be paired up with the right order, and the ribbon needs to be tied to finish the package up nice and neat — but it won’t be too much longer!

  2. That’s great! I bet it’s lovely in person.

    The numbered, leather-bound ‘It’ is an exquisite production and is my favorite (and Nicest) book in my collection (fighting for that honor with Centipede’s wonderful ‘Knowing Darkness’ and ‘Artists Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’)

    Thanks for the reply, Brian.

  3. Bet it’s an awesome book…however, that is one darn creepy mailman on the cover!
    I never want to see him coming to my door (she says as she dives under the bed frightfully shivering!).

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