See What Shipped To My Level Seven Patreon Supporters This Month!

For those who are curious, above is a photo of what just shipped to my Level Seven Patreon supporters this month. They will also receive a special Traycased Lettered Edition of Patreon Stories: Volume One in 2019 when the traycases are ready. I believe the official print run of that edition is just 4 lettered copies and 6 publisher’s copies, making it easily the most rare edition ever of my work.

Also, as a special bonus, those paperback editions of The Zombie Who Cried Human are not only signed by Glenn and me, but Glenn took the time to add a special “remarque” — an original drawing — on the title page to make the copies extra special for my supporters.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m probably going to have to close Level Six and Level Seven to new supporters at the end of December to keep the budget balanced for 2019, so if you’re thinking about making the jump, now is a good time to do it. 🙂 Anyone who is a supporter on those levels at the end of December can remain at their level even after it is closed to new supporters, and new members will only be able to select those levels if someone else drops out first. Also, if you do sign-up soon, I will be sending any new supporters on Level Six or Level Seven what I can from the above picture in December. I don’t have copies of everything left, but I’ll definitely send you a very nice “starter” package!

I am grateful for everyone’s support at ALL LEVELS, which is why ALL SUPPORTERS as of November 30  will be receiving a free signed gift from my personal collection next month.

Thank you again for all of your support!