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A Pessimistic Customer Emails Me About The “Pavement Pizza” Book

I saved this email from December 2011 because I love how passionate our collectors are and yet this email might be one of the more pessimistic messages I’ve ever received after a production update:

Hi Folks,

I do not normally do this, but I just saw what you are proposing as the covers for this book.

I am very disappointed. It will devalue the book, it literally looks like pavement pizza, I’m going to cry, I buy these books because they are usually works of art, but this …

Can you go back to the black cover with the red writing, anything would be better than what you have on the website. I can’t believe it, I am in shock. Blech!

(name redacted)

Although I really appreciated the passion behind the email, I didn’t agree that the stamping needed to be changed, and this is what the book in question ended up looking like:

The Strain

Many collectors consider it to be one of the more popular special editions Lonely Road Books has published yet.

I really do love people who are passionate about books, even if I don’t agree with their opinion, but every now and then my mind flashes back to “pavement pizza” and I have to smile.

Stamping Options for The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

It took a few tries for the stamping die maker and binder to get on the same page for Lettered Edition of The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. At the top of this photo is the traycase (left, in red) and the leather-bound book (right, in black). Across the bottom are three different stamping samples on the leather binding, with the first version on the left and the final version on the right.

the strain stamping options

The final stamping looked like this:

Photos of The Strain: The Deluxe Special Edition by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

Here are a few photos of the Deluxe Special Edition of The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, which I published at Lonely Road Books. If you’re reading this via email or on the front page or category page, click the “read more” button for the rest of the images.

The Strain

Limited Edition Slipcase (L), Lettered Edition Traycase (R)

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The Secret History of Stephen King’s Baseball Cards

As many of you know, Lonely Road Books published a deluxe Limited Edition and a deluxe Lettered Edition of Blockade Billy by Stephen King. They looked something like this (click on any of the images for the full gallery on the LRB website):

Many collectors already know that Stephen King autographed his first-ever baseball cards as his way of signing these special editions, which I thought was very cool, but what no one outside a small group knew until now is that there were actually two different baseball cards created for King. Here’s how this unique and unusual collectible item came to be:

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Update on The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition by William Peter Blatty

Here is the latest update on The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition by William Peter Blatty that Lonely Road Books will be publishing later this year:

The book is now designed and being proofread, and we’re still right on track for a summer publication date.

The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition

As I mentioned last time, I originally planned on printing 6 color artwork plates in this special edition, but Caniglia went overboard and turned in 13 (!) color pieces, so I’m breaking the budget and adding all of them to the book. You can never have too much Caniglia artwork in a beautiful special edition like this one.

In addition, Mr. Blatty has provided an introduction and an afterword that won’t be appearing in any other edition of the book, so even though the Lonely Road Books special edition is long sold out, those essays have been added as unannounced bonus features.

Finally, there is also a special unannounced bonus for the Lettered Edition customers: because Caniglia turned in so much extra artwork, there will be entirely different artwork on the Lettered Edition’s dust jacket instead of the same artwork that will be appearing on the Limited Edition as originally planned.

I’ll post more news as I have it, but you can also always email me if you have any questions. Thanks, as always, for your support!

The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition Cover Artwork by Caniglia

As I mentioned a while back, Lonely Road Books will be publishing a special Limited Edition of The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Edition by William Peter Blatty.  The book sold out just 30 hours after it was announced, which is excellent for the collectors who managed to snag a copy, and production is moving along smoothly.  In fact, today I’m extremely pleased to unveil Caniglia’s incredible cover painting for the book, which I absolutely love:

Caniglia is now working on the interior artwork and I’ll try to post a few more samples between now and publication.  Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments!

The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition Announcement

UPDATE: The book sold out less than 30 hours after being officially announced!  Thanks to all of the collectors who ordered a copy!

Here is the latest news from Lonely Road Books, which I thought might be of interest:

The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition
by William Peter Blatty
featuring original artwork by Caniglia

Earlier this year, William Peter Blatty announced that he had revised his original manuscript for THE EXORCIST to be published as a special 40th Anniversary edition.

Lonely Road Books will be publishing a deluxe, oversized, slipcased and signed Limited Edition of this version of the book next year. This edition will feature full-color artwork by Caniglia and will be limited to just 374 copies of the Limited Edition and 26 copies of the Lettered Edition, making it an extremely collectible edition.

The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition

About the Revised Special Edition:
For the special 40th Anniversary Edition of The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty has returned to the manuscript, reworking portions of the book that never satisfied him. Due to financial constraints and a pressing workload at the time, he was forced to forego a desired revision. “For most of these past forty years I have rued not having done a thorough second draft and careful polish of the dialogue and prose,” Blatty says. “But now, like an answer to a prayer, this fortieth anniversary edition has given me not only the opportunity to do that second draft, but to do it at a time in my life—I am 83—when it might not be totally unreasonable to hope that my abilities, such as they are, have at least somewhat improved, and for all of this I say, Deo gratias!” Among the changes, Blatty has added a chilling scene introducing the unsettling minor character of a Jesuit psychiatrist.

About the Book:
The Exorcist, one of the most controversial novels ever written, went on to become a literary phenomenon: It spent fifty-seven weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, seventeen consecutively at number one.

Inspired by a true story of a child’s demonic possession in the 1940s, William Peter Blatty created an iconic novel that focuses on Regan, the eleven-year-old daughter of a movie actress residing in Washington, D.C. A small group of overwhelmed yet determined individuals must rescue Regan from her unspeakable fate, and the drama that ensues is gripping and unfailingly terrifying.

Two years after its publication, The Exorcist was, of course, turned into a wildly popular motion picture, garnering ten Academy Award nominations. On opening day of the film, lines of the novel’s fans stretched around city blocks. In Chicago, frustrated moviegoers used a battering ram to gain entry through the double side doors of a theater. In Kansas City, police used tear gas to disperse an impatient crowd who tried to force their way into a cinema. The three major television networks carried footage of these events; CBS’s Walter Cronkite devoted almost ten minutes to the story. The Exorcist was, and is, more than just a novel and a film: it is a true landmark.

ReservePurposefully raw and profane, The Exorcist still has the extraordinary ability to disturb readers and cause them to forget that it is “just a story.” Published here in this beautiful special Limited Edition, it remains an unforgettable reading experience and will continue to shock and frighten a new generation of readers.

About this Special Edition:
With an oversized page size and an extremely low print run, this special edition will feature a high-quality paper stock, a deluxe binding selected from the finest materials available, and cover artwork and original illustrations by Caniglia. This stunning special edition will be like no other book in your collection.

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