A Pessimistic Customer Emails Me About The “Pavement Pizza” Book

I saved this email from December 2011 because I love how passionate our collectors are and yet this email might be one of the more pessimistic messages I’ve ever received after a production update:

Hi Folks,

I do not normally do this, but I just saw what you are proposing as the covers for this book.

I am very disappointed. It will devalue the book, it literally looks like pavement pizza, I’m going to cry, I buy these books because they are usually works of art, but this …

Can you go back to the black cover with the red writing, anything would be better than what you have on the website. I can’t believe it, I am in shock. Blech!

(name redacted)

Although I really appreciated the passion behind the email, I didn’t agree that the stamping needed to be changed, and this is what the book in question ended up looking like:

The Strain

Many collectors consider it to be one of the more popular special editions Lonely Road Books has published yet.

I really do love people who are passionate about books, even if I don’t agree with their opinion, but every now and then my mind flashes back to “pavement pizza” and I have to smile.


  1. I just love books with this type of look. They look fantastic on a shelf. I would kill to have an entire stephen king collection by one publisher in this form. Right now the only one I know of its eastons the dead zone…and I’m not a fan of the design they went with. Also its one of the King books I don’t care for.

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