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German editions on the way thanks to Grey Gull Publications!

I’ve been a little behind on posting these past few weeks due to some impending deadlines with a certain Joe Hill special edition, so I didn’t get a chance to share the very good news that I’ve signed a four book contract with Grey Gull Publications in Germany.

I’ve been a big fan of their work for a while now, and I cannot wait to see what they do with my mini-collections of short stories. If your German is less rusty than mine (and mine is VERY rusty because my high school German classes were a LONG time ago!), you can view their website here:

I’ll share more news as I have it, but one thing I can already confirm is they’re generously providing me with enough contributor copies to take care of all of my supporters on Level 7 and abovewhen the books are published.

More news soon! Thank you, as always, for our continuing support and enthusiasm!


New trade paperback of MORE THAN MIDNIGHT shipping now!

The new trade paperback edition of More Than Midnight is shipping to Level Six and higher supporters on Patreon this week, and orders through Cemetery Dance Publications are being fulfilled as well. Orders via Amazon won’t be signed, but on the other hand Amazon can also have a copy of the book with that amazing Vincent Chong cover artwork in your hands in two days or less, so that’s pretty tempting, eh?

More Than Midnight trade paperback

As you might recall, this is actually a newly revised and expanded edition of More Than Midnight. Between now and the end of the year, Weak and Wounded, Dreamlike States, and Lost and Lonely will all receive the same treatment: revised, expanded, and with new Vincent Chong covers for their first appearance in trade paperback.

Here are my advance copies of all four trade paperbacks, so you can see what the complete “set” will look like once completed:

New Covers

Thank you again for all of your support!

Newly Revised & Expanded Trade Paperback Edition of MORE THAN MIDNIGHT!

I’m very pleased to report the newly revised and expanded trade paperback edition of my collection MORE THAN MIDNIGHT is being announced today and will ship later this month. This new edition features creepy cover artwork by the awesome Vincent Chong, stories that weren’t in the original hardcover, and story notes as well — plus anyone who orders in the next week or so from Cemetery Dance Publications can get their copy signed for free!

Just a reminder: my Patreon supporters at Levels Six and Above as of the end of the day TODAY will automatically receive a signed copy of the book with their Patreon membership, so they don’t need to place an order.

Thank you again for all of your support!

More Than Midnight Reviewed by Hellnotes

More Than Midnight by Brian James Freeman

All 750 copies of the signed Limited Edition of my new mini-collection of short stories, More Than Midnight, sold out from the publisher just one week after it was announced back in December, but has a few more copies left in-stock and another great review has arrived from Hellnotes:

More Than Midnight by Brian James Freeman is the dark night of the soul with lightning snapping in the background, revealing that lone, dark figure standing in the roadway with his arms open for you. Go ahead and buy the book, then give that stranger a hug and pray he doesn’t strangle you before the last page is finished.

You can read the rest over at Hellnotes or order your copy today from

A trade paperback edition and an eBook edition of More Than Midnight will be out by the end of the year, but I think the signed Limited Edition hardcover turned out beautifully and I hope you’ll consider adding it to your collection.

More Than Midnight Review From October Country

More Than Midnight by Brian James Freeman

Blu Gilliand over at October Country has written a tremendously nice review of More Than Midnight, my little horror collection of short stories that was published in December by Cemetery Dance and quickly sold out. As a writer, this is one of those unexpected reviews that just shows up in your “Google Alerts” and makes your entire day. Here is the beginning:

Brian James Freeman is one of those writers that someone, some day, is going to call an “overnight success,” completely ignorant of the fact that the guy has been pounding a keyboard for years, honing his craft and developing his voice the way all good writers do.

You can read the rest over at October Country. In fact, I highly recommend Blu’s suggestion of an “alternate” way to read the book. I wish I had thought of it myself.

And for those who asked, yes, the collection will be out in trade paperback and electronic formats later this year. Thanks again for the support!

More Than Midnight Signed Limited Edition Almost Sold Out!

There are only about 15 copies of the signed Limited Edition of my new mini-collection, More Than Midnight, left available, so today is probably your last chance to order! Thank you to everyone who helped put this 750 copy print run Out of Print in just 8 days, which is really quite amazing!

More Than Midnight by Brian James Freeman

Read more or place your order on the Cemetery Dance Publications website!

More Than Midnight Selling Very Quickly

The signed Limited Edition of my new mini-collection, More Than Midnight, is nearly 90% sold out after just 24 hours of sales. If you were on the fence, I hope you’ll place your order today. Here is the cover again simply because I love how Vincent Chong managed to visualize the range of emotions the characters feel in this book:

More Than Midnight by Brian James Freeman

Read more or place your order on the Cemetery Dance Publications website!

New Signed Limited Edition Hardcover: More Than Midnight

Later today Cemetery Dance Publications will announce the signed Limited Edition hardcover of my new mini-collection, More Than Midnight, which features five of my short stories that fall squarely in the horror category. This is a “surprise in-stock” Limited Edition and the books will be arriving in the warehouse this afternoon. There are only 750 copies of the Limited Edition and 26 copies of the Deluxe Traycased Lettered Edition.

More Than Midnight was a lot of fun to put together and I absolutely love the cover artwork by Vincent Chong and the interiors by Glenn Chadbourne. New York Times bestselling author Michael Koryta had way too many nice things to say about my work in his introduction, including this:

“Brian James Freeman brings more to the table than the simple intent to horrify you… There’s clean, sharp prose, there’s a compelling, human heart to every tale, fine touches of humor, and an astute understanding of the more powerful emotions in life — terror, sure, but also loss, grief, struggle, endurance.”

Here is the cover:

More Than Midnight by Brian James Freeman

Here is the sales copy:

This collection features five tales of horror by Brian James Freeman that deal with both real and supernatural terrors. It explores locations you would never think to look in because sometimes we find our darkest demons in the most unexpected places.

• In “What They Left Behind,” a young man discovers something lurking in the basement of the old office building his father-in-law has purchased in a last ditch effort to save the family business. This thing in the basement is evil and it’s very, very hungry.

• In “The Final Lesson” you’ll meet Ronald, a mild-mannered high school teacher who has never lifted his hand in anger, but there is a darkness inside him, which has been building and boiling since his wife was brutally murdered… and he might not be able to control himself when he learns more about why she died.

• A family man discovers there are monsters taking over the world in “Among Us,” but he also learns that a chosen few can fight back if they’re willing to sacrifice everything they’ve ever known and loved.

• As “Pulled Into Darkness” opens, Edward is certain of only one thing in life: eventually his wife will find a way to kill him.  Her previous failures won’t stop her from trying again and again until she succeeds… and tonight one of them won’t be leaving the house alive.

• Finally, a lonely young man’s very unusual job is taking a heavy toll on him in “Answering the Call.” He stays in the homes of the deceased during their funerals to answer the phone, receive deliveries, and deter thieves who might have seen the obituary in the newspaper. The young man has witnessed a lot of strange things over the years in the homes of the dead, and today his job will truly become a matter of life and death…

These five stories showcase Freeman’s dazzling virtuosity and imagination as his characters descend into the depths of madness. Find out why Richard Matheson has called his writing “spooky stuff” and why Stewart O’Nan has said his stories have “great velocity and impact.” There is darkness all around us, and Freeman isn’t afraid to shine a light onto the things that scare us the most.

Read more or place your order on the Cemetery Dance Publications website!

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