The Halloween Children reviewed by The Baryon Review

The first review for The Halloween Children (which I co-wrote with Norman Prentiss for Earthling Publications) has arrived from The Baryon Review. Jim Brock writes:

“THE HALLOWEEN CHILDREN is frankly one of the more disturbing books I have ever read. From page to page my opinion of who was the monster behind what was going on changed from husband to wife to the children and then back. I was shocked and startled, grossed out and horrified – and I enjoyed every minute of it. And in the end, I still wasn’t sure who was the craziest – myself included. Freeman and Prentiss have created a disturbing tale with images so vivid they leapt from the page into brilliantly colored pictures in the mind. This is one powerful book. Treat yourself to this one for Halloween but be warned – have plenty of candy on hand for THE HALLOWEEN CHILDREN should come knocking.”

Read the full review at The Baryon Review.

The Halloween Children

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