The Halloween Children by Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss Has Been Announced!

I’m pleased to report that my first-ever collaboration, which just happens to be with one of my favorite writers, has been officially announced:

The Halloween Children is a short novel Norman Prentiss and I wrote for Paul Miller over at Earthling Publications for the Earthling Halloween Series. Paul’s books are always beautiful and well-designed, and I think you’ll be very pleased by the presentation of this story. The artwork by Glenn Chadbourne is amazing and Paul doesn’t skimp on the details when he publishes a book.

I had a ton of fun writing with Norman, and we tried to tackle Halloween from a slightly different approach than most traditional stories. Did we succeed? Well, we’re really pleased with the results, but we’ll see what readers say this Halloween!

No other editions are planned at this time, so place your order with Earthling Publications while supplies last!

Here is the sales copy:
INTERVIEWER: How did you get out of there alive?

[A silence, twenty seconds.]

VICTIM: Now we’re getting somewhere, but you already know the answer to that.

INTERVIEWER: Okay, when did you realize something wasn’t right that Halloween night?

[Another silence, this time thirty seconds.]

VICTIM: When I discovered that so many of my neighbors were dead.

This Halloween, critically acclaimed authors Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss welcome you to visit the Stillbrook Apartments…where some very interesting people have lived and died, and where something just might be very, very wrong with the children.

Preorder the Signed Limited Edition Hardcover:
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The Halloween Children Limited Edition