A few comments about my favorite one star review ever for The Painted Darkness

This review for The Painted Darkness might be my favorite one star review I’ve ever received, and I seriously mean that:

The Painted Darkness One Star Review

How great is that? These are all lines I’d love to see in any review for my darker stuff:

* It was weird & VERY creepy…

* …bordered on the Stephen King – type insanity.

* …might very well cause nightmares!

Clearly, this is a case of the book being completely wrong for the reader’s tastes, which happens and isn’t something you worry about, but the reason I love this review is because there will definitely be readers who click on the one star reviews for The Painted Darkness, read this one, and think: “Wow, that sounds just like something I’d love to read!”

In case this book does sound like something you’d love to read, here are some links to consider:

The trade paperback:
Barnes & Noble

The eBook:
Barnes & Noble

The audiobook:


  1. Congratulations on your 1-Star review, Brian! (Ok, that felt weird to say.) I own a copy of this book and look forward to reading it!

  2. Sorry the Munro commenter didn’t like Painted Darkness, which, to me at least, shows that he is not the type of person who enjoys that gendre. How sad for him. Your books, King’s books, Dean Koontz, all that type are SO interesting and, yes, creepy. Yep, that’s what I and millions love. Keep ’em coming!!!!!

  3. This reader should give “Weak and Wounded” a spin, maybe upping the level of creepyness will work for him. Keep up the “adult terrors”, and be sure I’ll be turning the pages.

  4. this comment really cracked me up! He gave you the utmost compliment with a one star review! Doesn’t get any better then this! Sorry dude, you will need to go to the Children’s section next time! Hee hee hee! Oh and I loved your book but if I give you all stars, it may just go to your head after this one! Lol!

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