Brian James Freeman Mentioned in The New York Times

This was a neat way to start the week.

In a post about Cemetery Dance Publications’ new six book deal with Stephen King, I was mentioned by a columnist for The New York Times:

Early Stephen King Novels to Be Reissued in Special Editions

New York Times


  1. Congratulation Brian.

    I bought two of the numbered and now wishes I had bought the Lettered as well.
    Do you have a cancel/non pay list?

    Thank you for all the beautiful books you have printed over the years.

    I buy everything King’s from CD.
    I am waiting for my Dr Sleep Lettered any day now.

    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Brian! I am sure that everyone at Cemetery Dance is thrilled over this article! It is well deserved! Congrats to all…….and I have already reserved my copy! Have a great one! Best Regards! Mare Dove.

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